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Last updated: October 24, 2019

Create a presentation to outline your proposal for the PC specifications to meet the case study requirements.

Identify a purpose and audience for your presentation (i.e., are you informing a friend, presenting to the CIO, educating your colleagues?) RequirementPoints AllocatedCommentsSelect a design/theme template to define the format and background for your presentation slides.0.5From this point forward, let the design template automatically set font and style formats. This is the beauty of using a standard template over one that you designed yourself.

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Slide 1: This is your Title Slide. 0.25Select an appropriate title and subtitle that clearly conveys the purpose of your presentation Slide 2: Title this slide “Agenda.” Add the following bullet points for the agenda: Introduction/Overview Hardware Components System Unit Features Application Software Conclusion 0.25 Slide 3: Title this slide “Hardware Components.

” Write and add 3 – 5 bullets that best illustrate how the Hardware Components satisfy the requirements.1.5 Slide 4: Title this slide “System Unit Features.” Write and add 3 – 5 bullets that best illustrate how the System Unit Features satisfy the requirements.2.

0 Slide 5: Title this slide “Application Software.” Write and add 3 – 5 bullets that best illustrate how the Application Software satisfy the requirements. This slide must also contain a relevant graphic that enhances text on the slide.

2.0 Slide 6: Title this slide “Conclusion.” Write and add 3 – 5 bullets that best illustrate why this is the best solution or supports the purpose you’ve defined for your presentation. 2.0 Slide 7: Add a Title Only slide. Type “Questions & Next Steps” in the title section.

Move the title box so that is it centered on the slide (horizontally & vertically).0.5 Create a footer using “Courtesy of Your Name” so that is shows on all slides including the Title Slide.0.5Replace the words “Your Name” with your actual name.Create a footer for automated Slide Numbers that appears on all slides except the Title Slide.0.5 Apply an animation and transition scheme to all slides.1.0 Proofread and Spellcheck your presentation.1.0Presentation should be well-organized with appropriate amount of text per slide.TOTAL:12

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