Percy Shelley- A Defense of Poetry

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Last updated: December 9, 2019
What is the name of this poem?
A Defense of Poetry

Who wrote this poem
Percy Shelley

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what was the age in which Shelley was writing know for?
the age of science-he wrote this because science is so popular, there is no room for poetry.

-he said bc of science there is a greater need for poetry

What does poetry do that makes is so necessary in the age of science
-poetry is associated with imagination and empathy (it allows you to imagine how someone else feels)-imagination is like a muscle and it can be exercised by poetry

What role in poetry does Shelley elaborate on?
the role of the poet

Shelley was known for what?
being motivated to change the world;most political writer we will read this semester

what two historical events does romanticism have a background in?
-French Revolution: influences social change because this event shows it is possible-Industrial Revolution

How is poetry revolutionary according to Shelley?
it critiques immortality

-see him as Romantic-Blake said he was of the Devil’s party bc of the the book he wrote–Paradise Lost-Romantics see that Satan is the hero of Paradise lost

Explain the idea of Poets being the unacknowledged legislators of the world. And what does this say about being influenced by things and people in other time periods?
-our world today says no to this idea but how we allow tv shows, media, movies, video games to impact us say this is true. we are impacted by things people create. -This also proves that even though we did not live during this time period and even though most people have not studies art from this time period we have been influenced by the Romantics.

Explain the influence the Romantics have had on people of the 21st century as it pertains to Justice vs Closure.
-closure has to do with your feelings which has little to nothing to do with justice; however we have made everything about how we feel, how something makes us feel; the most true thing to people today is the way we feel about things, which is a romantic idea.

-again influenced by a time period even if we do not study it, but we study it so that we understand where the idea came from.

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