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Performance management system is major of themost vital aspects of any organization and HR leaders are frequently who carryout the process in an association.Inpoint of my assessment and familiarity came through the following performancemanagement system of Aurobindo Pharma, as follows: AurobindoPharma is a public company and familiar one among the others in Pharma Industry.Through cost effective manufacturing capabilities and a few loyal customers,the company entered the high margin specialty generic formulations segment. Inless than a decade Aurobindo Pharma today has evolved into a knowledge drivencompany manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulationproducts. Policies are systematically organized with a divisional structure andhas a focused team for key schemes oriented towards the employee welfareapproaching the goals of the organization.

 PerformanceManagement System: AurobindoPharma is following the Behaviorally anchored rating scale (BARS) method for PMS.Objective of the PMS:•      To align Individual goals with the Organization and UnitGoals.•      To use the Performance Management System as a tool to:–      Identify & rewardhigh performers.–      Provide inputs forplanning compensation to make it equitable relative to skill & performance.       –      Provide inputs forcareer & succession plans.

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–      Identify poorperformers to initiate development plans & monitor improvement inperformance.•      To enhance skills in Performance Planning, monitoring &Assessment.Procedure: Beforeinitiating the performance process in the 1st month of the financialyear need to set the goals for the individual as per the requirement of thecompany and the same personnel will be educated and the principles must be visiblyclarified to the personnel.

This will support them to recognize their responsibilitiesand to know what exactly is expected from them. The principles should also be conversedto the evaluators or the evaluators and if required, the principles can also bealtered at this phase itself conferring to the relevant feedback from the personnelor the evaluators.Thereare two types of category in employees are segregated and the same method isused for both is behaviorally anchored rating scale(BARS), also called as Bell curve method.1.    Assistant/ Executive and below2.

    AssistantManager & AboveAssistant/ Executive and below: There is no self-rating in the assessment form anddirectly rated by the immediate supervisor and department head as per theirscheduled KRA’s, submitted to HR department.AssistantManager & Above: Self rating on their own opinion as per the key resultareas completed and department head will rate the same as per the satisfactionon his work completion assigned to individual by HOD. On the same aftercompletion by HOD if any, recommendation for promotion its need to get approvalfrom the Plant head.Ascollected all the ratings of all the quarters of all the individuals,department and designation wise it shall be converted in to departmental graphsand accumulated ratings will be finalized by the HR department after gettingapproval from the plant head. HR plays a very vital role during the employeeperformance appraisal by making decisions about employees without any bias.

Decision-making by HR leaders about personnel rewarding, promotions, demotions,transfers and sometimes suspensions/dismissal of employees are depended uponthe employee performance evaluation. The assessment taken by HR leader shouldmatch exactly with performance appraisal results of employees to avoidgrievance or disturbances in between the individual, as they affects overallperformance of the organization.

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