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Last updated: February 16, 2019

Personal statementI don’t believe in changing the world rather I want to change the way we interact with it and programming is a good way to accomplish it. Every day I challenge myself to imagine new possible solutions for real-world problems and create them by writing new lines of code. While I am developing various projects: from web applications to chat bots, I know that one of my works will eventually make this world a better place to live in.

My journey into the discipline of computer science started when I started my undergraduate. I learned programming basics and general problem solving there. I have always enjoyed maths and logical reasoning so writing computer programs quickly became my favourite activity. Then I focused on web development as I found it fascinating. Besides C++, I taught myself JavaScript and started my web developer’s career.

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Consequently, I began competing and winning at various hackathons where I was able to scale my skills according in a short span of time. Later on I found that securing web applications is more challenging task than creating them. As I’m very good at web development, I started learning web application security. Consequently, I began competing and winning here also in CTFs and stuff.Last summer I got into internship at Google Summer of Code and worked as a Nmap developer. While working there I developed my development skills in handling large codebases, analyzing packet captures, exploiting databases and dealing with binary data manipulation. I spent three months in improving Nmap by adding new functionalities while optimizing few of the exists modules. Detailed report on my work at Google Summer of Code – https://medium.

com/@rewanthcool/gsoc-2017-with-nmap-security-scanner-80d9bd54a97aI love creating, securing and exploiting web apps but my real passion is Artificial Intelligence. I know that invention of Artificial General Intelligence will be the greatest revolution in history and I want to be a part of it. I got interested in this subject after I seen the power of AI as demonstrated by Google. I was so inspired by the idea of creating super intelligence machines that will help to create a more secure world. Today I am working on deep learning and I aim to integrate it with web application security in order to create better trustworthy products for safe user experience.

I would like to learn more about Intelligence systems especially deep learning to create better tools.Besides doing computer science, I relax listening to music.I believe that my devotion, dedication and passion for security and artificial intelligence will make me one of the ideal candidate. I have exposure to programming since a long time and I am highly desperate to put in my all skills for this project. I love to do challenging tasks.

I believe in delivering things right at the time even if it requires me to take few sleepless nights. I have done many small projects with small communities which has taught me how to work as a team while giving your best as an individual. I also had previous work experience positions like Security Engineer, Security Advisor and also as Associate Security Researcher in two different companies. Impressed with my contribution as Security Engineer, Oxcean company added my name to their ?About-Us page?. I have a good experience in development field also. I had done another internship as a Full Stack Web Developer. This shows that I knew the standards of coding in this real world.

I worked as a Penetration Tester also during my course of internship which makes me stand apart from the crowd. I recently started working on AI and I’m sure I will excel in this field similar to development and cyber security. I have so much more to learn, in order to achieve it and I believe that collaborating with the world’s finest AI researchers at FAIR and experiencing its culture will help me to do achieve bigger goals. My strong points such as thinking out of the box, problem solving skills, team player, ample amount of work experience in both security ( even as penetration tester ) and development fields, quick adaptation to the codebase makes me a suitable choice for this project.

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