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Last updated: October 25, 2019

Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Personal Development Plan SkillCurrent output or Proficiency Target proficiency or outputDevelopment OpportunityCriteria for evaluationTime for achievementEvidence of achievementResponsibilityInadequate in terms of responsibility in execution of tasks allocated by management resulting to reliance on others for helpAiming at cultivating a higher level of responsibility to ensure that I take responsibility for my actions in the course of executing my tasksResponsibility would ensure a higher sense of attachment with my skills thus a subsequent increase in productivity.I intend to evaluate the level of responsibility by ensuring that I own up to both mistakes and achievements. Evaluation through the presence or absence of conflicts1 month would provide a clear view of progress towards achievement of the indicated goal.

Increased productivity and out put in terms of my work would provide a clear indication of the level of output such as an increase or decrease.Hard work Currently exhibit a low level of hard work because of the lack of interest and motivation in execution of tasks delegated by the management.I intend to Cultivate interest in my work through self-motivation such as increased pay from working overtime.Increasing productivity could be achieved through the development of targets to be achieved in terms of the level of output as they relate to individual duties.I intend to evaluate the level of progress through the level of output in terms of the activities executed in the line of duty.Increase output within a month which should reflect in the monthly remunerationIncreased output and remuneration as an indication of higher output and hard workAccountability I exhibit a relatively high level of accountability in that I take charge for my action as they relate to the execution of duties, tasks and responsibilities delegated by the managementI intend to ensure a higher level of accountability through setting up of boundaries in terms of owning up to individual achievements and mistakes in the line of duty.Increased accountability would ensure smooth interactions and relations with my colleagues in the workplaceAccountability could be evaluated through the evaluation of the numbers of conflicts with colleagues in the office, in relation to mistakes and achievements attributable to my tasks, duties and responsibilities.

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Increase output within a month which should reflect in the monthly remunerationIncreased output and remuneration as an indication of higher output and hard work SMART Action Plan and Objectives SpecificTaking up additional workload to ensure achievement of indicated goals. Provide a clear outline of the tasks, which should be taken up.Measurable Additional tasks, which are provided.

Additionally, this is measurable in terms of the number of tasks executed or the level of output. Additionally, the achievement of the goals shall be provided in terms of the increase in the remuneration, as well as the number of tasks taken up and executed as well as the number of tasks not executed.Agreed The uptake of the new tasks, responsibilities, duties and workload shall be deliberated upon with the immediate higher level of authority. This would ensure a go-ahead in terms of the new tasks, which would enable achievement of the identified goals and objectives.Realistic The goals set are realistic in that they are achievable and not over ambitious. They are relatively average to enable future progression after the attainment of such goals and objectives.

Time-BasedThe provided period of a month is precise in that it provides for immediate action towards the achievement of the goals, additionally, this is an indication of the determination to achieve such results. Furthermore, it would also be reflected in individual earnings for the month.

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