Personal Essay

Angelini Pierre I haven’t hit the pinnacle I plan to reach. People say chase the dream, chase your vision. Unfortunately my vision is quite blurry. My vision is constantly changing due to the people around me. They wear the glasses to my future and it’s crystal clear what they want me to be. Maybe I’m Just wearing the wrong prescription. IVe been put on this pedestal that I can’t come down from. World of opportunities but it means nothing if your unable to obtain the decision of what you want to do and what steps your going to take to get there.

I can’t meet these expectations of others for the simple fact I’m not living to mpress and make others happy. I’m living to do what interest me. I appreciate the ideas and opinions of others that think they know what’s best but they shouldn’t dictate my future for me. If I mess up something it’s like the world is going to end. I completely understand people who care about you naturally wants to see you succeed and have a bright future for yourself but everything cant Just happen at the pace they want it to.

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It’s going to take some time if to see if I even want to consider what other people want my career to be. In my tamer’s eyes, ne wants me to be a high paying doctor that can buy him a house and 2 cars. My mother on the other Just wants me to be successful and have no friends. It’s like their living vicariously through me. Whatever they wanted and couldn’t do , I have to do it for them . In reality I don’t even know what I want to do with my life because of all the conflicting issues between making them happy and making myself happy.

At times I Just give in to the pressure and do whatever makes them happy but it’s not what I want. Being told what I’m supposed to be and how I’m going to make it there isn’t fair or realistic. I cant voice my opinion because how I feel doesn’t matter. No matter what I do it isn’t enough. I Just wanted them to be happy but it’s hard to try to impress my parents especially since I’m being put under pressure for being the only girl. IVe seen people who were told what there were suppose to be when they get older and they weren’t happy with their lives and what they were doing.

I don’t want to be one of those people. I want to be able to do something I enjoy doing and makes me happy. Naturally I’m going to want something that has a good amount of money of to which I’m being paid but then again if I love what I’m doing then I wouldn’t really care how much I was being paid. As long as I’m living a decent life hen that’s perfectly fine with me. I honestly don’t know what I want to be when I get older. I’m still contemplating on whether or not I want to do anything at all.

I had a few ideas but they weren’t realistic and only one in a million actually fulfill these opportunities when given the chance. When I was younger I wanted to be a singer and dancer but I thought I could sing but I’m not all that good. If I took some vocal classes I’m pretty sure I’d have a magnificent voice. If I also took some dancing classes I would be in a performing arts school. I wanted to be these things because of television. I thought if hose people could make it then I should be able to make it too.

Make a whole lot of money and be able to give my family the life they always wanted, but it doesn’t come that easy. When I really thought about it, I came to the conclusion I didn’t even really want to be any of these things because none of that would make me happy. Money, glitz, and glamour wasn’t something I wanted for myself. I Just want to do something that fits me. I want to go into college knowing exactly what I want to do and not second guess myself. I don’t want my parents to live their dreams through me because it’s my life and my decision to determine hat’s best for me.

If I wanted to be a sanitation worker then that’s what I should focus on if my mind is set on it. If I want to be a vet then I should allowed to do that because I want to do that. I cant live for others; I have to live for myself because nobody is really going to care about me more than I do. I don’t know what my profession is going to be but I’m ready for whatever I’m going to do as long as I know I love it then that’s all that matters because I wear the glasses to my future though my vision is a bit foggy I’ll find my way through to a clear road to success.


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