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Personal StatementAlex BradleyI am applying for this Foundation Year in MotorsportEngineering course because of its focus on cars which aligns with and expandson my interest of cars/working on them for example performing an engine swapwith my brother and rebuilding my own engine and fitting it into my car.

I alsoaspire to go on to a career in motorsport specifically in a car-related fielde.g. rally or Formula E. This course interests me as I have grown up around cars, mydad sparking my interest, watching my grandad at stage rallies, the FIA ralliesand following the F1 seasons throughout the years, my life being car-centricfrom an early age. Playing racing games since I was young and becoming more technicallyinterested in them, using the tuning aspects of the games and learning aboutall the different components of cars, their effect and how they work together.

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Growingup I have been working on cars (my own and my dad’s) as a hobby of mine, startingout with basic maintenance and working up to an engine rebuild and conversion. Istrive to learn more about the science behind them, for example how to tune,how spring rates and suspension geometry effect handling, aerodynamics and thepractical element of machining milling parts using a CNC.I think I am a suitable candidate because my vast interestin the subject of motorsport and basic experience working with cars, meaning I amhighly motivated therefore committed to the subject and course. Having workedprevious at KFC as a Team Member I have developed my skills of working as partof a team, also working on my skills working under pressure, it being a very fast-pacedjob. Having gained my University ofSheffield Achievement Award at the end of my 5 years in secondary school forkeeping an attendance and punctuality above 93% shows that I can stay committedto a set of subjects despite only being able to study only 3/8 subjects relatedto my interests (Physics/Maths/I.T.).

Having taken triple science at GCSE and AS level Mathematicsalong with AS Physics I believe I have some knowledge in subjects correlatingto the course. Learning the basics of mathematics at AS level and using Verniercallipers and a micrometer in AS physics experiments, all related to mechanicalengineering and this course. I attend car meets regularly to discuss and compare cars andin my spare time I spend time working on cars with my brother or on my own. Also,having grown up watching my grandad rallying and playing car racing games myinterest in cars has developed into an interest into understanding the innerworkings and engineering behind them.Having a dog, very hyperactive I might add, for over a yearnow, I hold a position of responsibility that is looking after him, feeding him,taking him for walks, cleaning up after him etc. Though none of my previous jobs have been related tomotorsport nor mechanical engineering, the skills learnt from them can beapplied to the course, i.e. team working, time-keeping.

After completing this course and consequentially a BEng inMotorsport Engineering I hope to move onto a career in the field, specifically inthe world of rally or formula E/1, using the skills learnt at my time atuniversity to become a design engineer or a technician though I am hoping tofind my speciality whilst at the university. Although through my hobbies and studies I have learnt and willcontinue to learn about engineering through cars, there is still a whole lotmore I can learn. Therefore, I have decided to enrol at Derby university. Ifeel that this course will give me an excellent start to any future career I maychoose in motorsport. 

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