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Personal Responsibility BY sev0069 As a student one often question the importance of personal responsibility and its benefits. Does one really benefit from the time and effort one spends to achieve it? Wouldn’t be easier to search for someone else work and make a couple of changes? The word plagiarism is not stress upon in prior levels of education why is it important now? Often a student’s integrity gets questioned but having a respectable work ethic is vital to achieving success.

Students who do not share the same mindset and integrity for the task they are given to accomplish can’t work together.While in ursue of one’s academic goal a student comes in contact with thousands of individual that in one way or another will influence the student’s life. It becomes one of our life lessons to take the good from people as well as to learn from their mistakes. It is also very important to establish career goals early on in one’s educational quest. As a student personal responsibility is the most important quality one could have; as it shows the student’s integrity, dedication to the pursued goal, and the level of commitment to achieve that academic goal. Probably the most important element of personal responsibility is integrity.By definition: Integrity is a personal choice, an uncompromising and predictably consistent commitment to honor moral, ethical, spiritual and artistic values and principles. The hardest thing for a person is to accept the consequences of his or her actions.

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After a situation fails to turn into one’s favor it is for some incredibly hard to own up to the consequences. As a student one is often challenged with having to make decisions, most of which are not at all well thought and the results are not always in one’s favor. Having the integrity to own up to mistakes helps to learn from he so called “life lessons. Situations will arise quite frequently in a student’s life but it is how you manage to benefit from it rather than make it a burden. One can always learn from our mistakes and help others in the process. It is also beneficial for one to educate new students from previously lived experiences and to serve as motivation them. Another key element of personal responsibility is dedication. Dedication in simple words is to have the drive, that constant and consistent motivation to reach a personal goal.

As a student one needs that motivation to complete those difficult asks.Student’s competences are different and diverse, there for not always one get task with one’s strengths; that is when dedication kicks in to get you through. When a student shows dedication towards completing any task he or she is instructed to, it makes the evolution much easier and it could be of great help while working in a she might be driven by the love he or she feels towards the career being pursued or simply seeking a better paying position. Although money it is a legitimate source of motivation, as a student one should really search for what is going to make you feel complete.Once a student reaches the level of personal satisfaction in pursue of an academic goal, all other aspect will fall into place.

Another important element in personal responsibility is commitment. Commitment, a word I personally have been obeying for the last 14 years of my life and certainly one that I’m going to continue to follow, as it complements the integrity and dedication and keeps me on track to achieving my goal. As a student one feels a sense of Joy to know one have reach the level of commitment. Not everyone has what it takes to achieve the consistency required to be committed to reach his or her goals.

To reach the level of commitment, it is imperative to have the previously mentioned elements in place; it is only then that no matter what situation arises one will continue on. Commitment is when one is dedicating every aspect of one’s being to reach what one believes to be one’s perfect fit. That in return will allow you to become a great professional in your field of expertise. The best quality a student should show and continue to improve on is personal responsibility, which includes integrity, dedication and commitment to further the education to reach the much desired career goal.

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