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This paper includes no trademarked material, logos, or images from the Internet, which I do not have written permission to Include. I further agree that my name typed on the line below Is Intended to have, and shall have the same validity as my handwritten signature. Personal Security America leads the globe in one very unfortunate classificatory division: crime. The truth is that some Americans are not always law abiding and moral citizen.

In fact, more people are in correctional institutions because more crimes are committed in America than anywhere else in the world.America is experiencing an epidemic of Weber-crimes, robberies, homicides, and rapes and the crimes are growing worse as the economy continues to come unglued In the united States. For this reason some professional Americans are hiring personal security agents with comprehensive protection plans. The Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Network Incorporation normally does not have a personal security agent but the crime rate in America on millionaires has been on the rise for the last two years.Microsoft Network Incorporation must rely on professional security for a strong protection plan, and some solid business advice. The personal security plan will implement the Chief Executive Officer’s personal transportation, protection, and manage the Microsoft Network Incorporation’s bulling security (Vale security International, 2008). The A One Security Company will supply some basic understanding to protect, transport, manage, and implement a viable and comprehensive security plan (Divan, 2007).

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The comprehensive security plan provides the most professional executive protection and bodyguard services to Microsoft Network Incorporation’s Chief Executive Officer as well as a top notch Internet technology security staff for the grounds, Inner remitter, and special events (Archangel Investigations ; Protection, 2006). The A One Security Company services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The security company executive protection specialists are handpicked by the Chief Executive Officer and board members of the organization. The A One Security Company provides one to 60 extra security staff and bodyguards on demand.The security staff also provides excellent transportation services for Microsoft Networks Chief Executive Officer (Dylan, 2007). The security service Includes ground counterculture, private Jet Talent service, note accommodations Docking, Ana private inning reservations, evading, and warding off the media and paparazzi (Personal Transportation ; Security, 2008).

The A One Security Company focuses on the unique needs of Microsoft Network Incorporation’s Chief Executive Officer. The A One Security Company provides highly trained and experienced personal protection to Microsoft Network Incorporation board members.The A One Security Company’s executive protection specialists operate under a strict code and conduct of creed for Microsoft Network Incorporation: * Executive protection specialists must be honest and loyal. Executive protection specialists must be responsible and accountable. * Executive protection specialists must have a good personal appearance and have pride in dress code.

* Executive protection specialists must take pride in everything they do. * Executive protection specialists must maintain a can do attitude. * Executive protection specialists must never accept bribes or gifts. Executive protection specialists must never imply that they are law enforcement officer (Personal Transportation ; Security, 2008).

The A One Security services are highly respectful and provide the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Network Incorporation with a safe and secure environment even through the personal and business travels. The A One Security Incorporation services provide Microsoft Network Incorporation’s board members and Chief Executive Officer with reliable, safe, and hassle-free transportation (Personal Transportation & Security, 2008).The security services provide Microsoft Network Incorporation with experienced transportation team, which assist in planning private and business trip. The security delivers unique and customized transportation needs in Lincoln Limousines, Executive Sedans and Land Yachts to provide the Chief Executive Officer and board embers of Microsoft Network Incorporation with luxury travels to the airport, home, business meetings, hotels, and dining facilities (Cloud Nine Limousine, 2005). The A One Security Company ensures professional and safe transportation services along with ground and perimeter protection.The A One Security Company provides world class physical security for Microsoft Network Incorporation. The security services include screening potential invaders to protect employees and company’s assets (Divan, 2007). Security surveillance cameras and access control devices are installed to manage and control the grounds ND the inner perimeter of the organization.

The comprehensive perimeter and ground security plan provides Closed Circuit TV, Perimeter Intrusion Detection System, and Physical Security Information Management.The security technical team services include around the clock protection and safety for Microsoft Network Incorporation. The closed circuit television provide the organization with a secure and safe comprehensive management plan with a Video Motion Detection engine and Intelligent Video Analysis to record security data inside the building and outer grounds. Closed circuit television systems are the main technology security source on round. The surveillance cameras are used to validate the other systems functions.

The Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems gives Microsoft Network Incorporation a variety of smart fences and walls, virtual gates, buried and concealed detection systems Ana Thence mounted surveillances Ana detectors (Magmas propriety site management system is owned by Physical Security Information Management and is used to enhance commands and updates for Department of Homeland Security, control, and track all routine operation of Microsoft Network Incorporation employees and staff. The management system is used every day to sake top security decisions in case of a crisis event (Magical, 2010).The A One Security provides outdoor security sensors to detect intruders the moment the unwanted visitor enter the grounds of Microsoft Network (Levi, 2006). Outdoor ground security will provide quality outdoor ground protection reducing the risk of company personal injury, theft, and damage. The outdoor sensors can be used as the primary security in events, which inner perimeter security is not feasible and indoor security sensors. The security system is designed to be mandate by patrol officers and protect the company’s assets.When the outdoor sensors face environmental challenges such as rain storms, animals, snow, seismic effect, and extreme high temperature the backup unit is designed on automatic detection (Magical, 2010). The A One Security Company maintains high functional units under adversity unmanned and manned.

The system for Microsoft Network Incorporation must continue to operate 365 days a year with viable alternatives. The A One Security Company maintains safe and secure equipment for Microsoft Network Incorporation to have an integrated system.The system for Microsoft Network is managed by trained and educated executive security specialist with an Internet Technology background to protect the business against cyber-crime (Magical, 2010). The system provides Microsoft Network with regular maintenance and data to help diagnose any issues with the equipment on ground or inner perimeter. The mechanical security system is designed to allow security staff to adjust and correct any major problems within central control (Levi, 2006).The security fences, walls and fence mounted detector have the ability that denies assess of intrusions and captures any event on the closed circuits television cameras.

The motion detection systems analysis the output from video by the satellite unit to elf determined the problem area such as an intruder or outside elements (Levi, 2006). Security walls and fences provide barriers for unwanted guest. The walls and fence mounted detectors offers 98% of false alarm rate and unsurpassed the probability of detection (Divan, 2007).The wall and fence mounted detectors provides reliable service to Microsoft Network and virtually have no environmental limitations for ground security (Magical, 2010). In conclusion, personal security can be challenging for A One Security Company but for the last five years have been meeting Microsoft Network Incorporation needs n an individual and organizational level. The security company supplies some basic knowledge of protection for Microsoft Networks Chief Executive Officer and board members.

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