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Personal Statement Raina Perez 9/2/13 Period.

5 In my high school career I had attended a total of two high schools, both very different and both very important in helping me see the world the way that I do today. In my first high school, Freedom, I took advantage of the performing arts and had partake in a choir as well as beginning art class. Both of those classes helped me to hold myself at a higher standard and to showcase something I had been working on for others to see.My choir class helped me to learn to work with larger groups and to ommunicate properly with my peers, whereas my art class had helped fuel and recognize I am more than a drowned student among a sea of people. I learned there is creativity and individuality in everything. In my second high school, Liberty, I had proceeded to take visual art type classes such as ceramics, ROP video, and even yoga. In taking ceramics I learned to work with a new substance and with my TOP video class I learned to get over my fear of being on camera.For my yoga class I count this as an art, because the poses are very demanding on your body and it takes lots of practice.

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I also think it’s beautiful the way you can make your body both graceful and limber at one time; which is why I see yoga as an art. I believe by me taking multiple visual art classes I am even more ecstatic to be going into cosmetology school. I love that makeup, hair and fashion in general is always changing. I love that there’s always something new to learn, and new ways to do things.I love that you must practice and that your work is actually being showcased by people who want your work. I think makeup is so versatile and can portray so many different emotions/feelings and even signify cultures. I think that me going through so many visual art classes has put me in a good spot for wanting to partake in a makeup career.

Aside from my art classes I had also taken part in many different electives and school clubs.The major electives I had taken that have helped in rich my knowledge and self being are Journalism, creative writing, gay straight alliance (club), and be the change (club). By me being in a Journalism elective it had pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me a lot about communication, analyzing notes, and even being a better listener. For my creative writing class I learned many different styles of writing and had grasp many different views of Just about everything by hearing what my peers had to say on certain subjects.I also learned that an imagination goes a long way. For the two clubs I had taken, they both taught me a great deal of equality and better information and helping others to become more open minded and less negative.

In Be The Change I did a lot of volunteering and helped make the school, Freedom, a much better place to be. Although I learned a lot in clubs, extracurricular activites, and elective classes, I eally learned a lot in my world cultures class.Despite I had taken this class freshman year it has open my eyes to so many different ways of living, people, ethnicities, and other worldly issues.

That class had taught me a lot in being my own person and to be more ‘awake’ and to realize there’s a lot more than Just California. My class had been driven by a not to great teacher, but I did find that there is a lot of beauty and fear within the world after taking that class, and ever since I’ve been extremely interestedinother cultures rather than Just my own ancient culture.I have grown a love for the asian culture and a big goal/honor for me would be to travel Japan and to visit all of its temples. My true goal for the future is to greater my knowledge on the things that interest me and to find a compelling career that’ll keep me interested for years to come. I also hope I make it into a great college that’ll expand my horizons and help me to become a successful individual among society.

I am a hard worker and am open to Manu different routes, so long as they lead me to a happier way of living.

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