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Last updated: July 31, 2019

Being brought in a moderately educated family and background, albeit there have been efforts and attempts made in order to encourage me to be successful in academics, such efforts were taken for granted. However, things were changed when I did almost fail to satisfy the requirements for a stand in the science stream during my secondary period.

As such, I believe that education does make a stark and huge difference although there is a possibility that working experiences could overturn such situation in this world. With efforts and hard work, I can feel that my self- conscious is at ease and satisfied.Nevertheless, since after the moment I have started my CAL course, things are not similar compared to my high school period.

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With only hard work but without good analysis and critical evaluation, a desirable grade could not be achieved and this is mainly due to the differences of system of education. During my A-level course, I have suffered a great time in order to put myself in a place where I could comprehend the core subjects. Thus, these have taught me to study hard and smart. Karl Marx’s views on various aspects of society have been one of my favourite reading materials.All societies are divided into social groups known as classes. Applying the class model of Karl Marx into the current world, such claims are succinctly clear in my country with all the injustices and corruptions which have occurred.

I was once being in a very wealthy and prosperous family but not until the world crisis which deeply and badly affected not only my country, but the world, and thence my familys financial. However, I developed a keen wareness of the fragility of life with the new sense of appreciating for the simplest of my old comforts.Although life is unfair, reproaching such forces does not make a difference, in fact I believe that the only solution to achieve equity and fairness is to work hard and never give up. Since ever young, I have determined to be a successful lawyer with frivolous reasons but not until I realized that law itself is actually a beautiful system of rules regulating the society. Alongside with the Judicial creativity exercised by the law lords, equity and Justice can be achieved as illustrated in Kingsnorth Finance Ltd v Tizards), whereby the court protected the equitable interest of a wife in land.Also, with great and dedicated lawyers, there come the reasonably good arguments convincing Judges and that is my ambition, as a mean to protect the interests of the others in order to enforce Justice, fairness and equity. Applying sociological theories such as the functionalism, Marxism, feminism and others into the reality of the world I face is part of my daily practices, in order to take into account and ponder upon the consideration of others. Life is dull without sports and I represented my former high school for a various sports which involve teamwork including basketball and handball.

Furthermore, being appointed as one of the director for Interact Club, I have learned the appropriate methods in dealing with people and controlling the Juniors. With that, I consider myself of having the qualities of teamwork and leadership. It has been a practice for me to take into account the consideration and the reasonable mind of the others.

I do participate in sports such as basketball and also attending gym. This is to ensure that I could release my stress nd maintain my health balances.Reading is also part of my interest especially self- help books such as ‘Men are trom Mars, Women are trom Venus’ by Jonn Gray. Recently, I have also attended the 25th Royal Sutlan’s Lecture which was conducted by Lord Walker of Gestingthrope on ‘Causation in Commercial LaW. My goal currently is a career in family and feminist law. Since the society is developing fast, such rights should not be deprived and should be protected by the law.

I feel that with passion and devotion, it is not impossible for me to pursuit my law career.

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