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Last updated: October 26, 2019

Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Personal statement for Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies Why I wish to undertake the program Ms. Goh Fei Bee, my previous ballet teacher, motivates me. Her skills in teaching ballet at her dance studio made me to want to be a dance teacher just like her. Ms. Goh Fei Bee taught me on how to initiate the movements. From the CBTS program, I believe I will learn to be a great teacher. This program will also help me gain teaching experience and enable me to teach in my mentors dance school.

I will also receive a certificate of ballet teaching studies and eligibility for registration as a teacher with the royal academy of dance. Career aspirations My aspiration is to become a dance teacher after completing my diploma and CBTS program. I wish to teach aspiring dancers and help them build a dance career or hobby. Through my teaching, I intend to pass my knowledge to the students and help them build a passion in dance. I will make my students enjoy their lessons and adore their learning environment. Through my dance experience, I intend to make my students use dance to unlock their creative expressions, increase self-awareness, critical thinking skills and self-discipline. My students will possess these great skills through the passion I intend to inflict in them.

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Important achievements Currently, I am in my third year of Diploma of Dance specializing in performance non-ballet. I received RAD intermediate qualification in the same year I achieved my grade six. I received stage performance experience at Esplanade, Singapore during the annual performance showcase. I received this when studying in my current dance school.

I have received training in different dance techniques since my first year. I practiced Asian dance techniques like the Korean Zen dance, Latin dance training, Philippine dance and Indian dance in my current dance school. This is besides the ballet and the modern dance technique-training dance I received.

Voluntary work or unpaid work experience While learning from my former ballet teacher, I assisted her in teaching some of her classes, at which I was very good. I have so much passion in ballet and teaching it to other students has grown to be my passion. I like to share what I have learned from my ballet teacher. Using the skills I gathered from my teacher, I performed in my current schools annual performance showcases at Esplanade, Singapore. This made most students want to perfect their ballet skills.

I also helped a lighting design student in her end year project by dancing in a friend’s choreography. Interest and hobbies My greatest passion is dance. I learned and love dancing Ballet, Asian dance, Korean Zen Dance, Philippine dance and Indian dance. I also love teaching dance to children and watch them grow to be skilled dancers. I love my students to have passion for dance and not only skills. I love making them build this passion within them by making a good dance environment. I also love teaching dance to grown people with my friends help. This makes them learn and appreciate dance.

Due to my passion for dance and teaching, I believe I can make a great ballet teacher.

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