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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Personal statement for pharmacy school My interest in the field of Pharmacy stems from the immense interest I have in the human body, especially due to its complexity in structure and functionality. Pharmacy delves into the comprehension of the body’s physiology so that intervention is offered during a pathologic state. This complexity leads to the inference that pharmacy is not a static field, but it is ever growing as new discoveries are made about the origins of various ailments, and their alleviation. This interest, and the genuine concern and regard for people’s well being, have driven me toward this field. I was previously pursuing a degree in education at Wayne State University, but I was besieged by a brain tumor.

Before I could get it surgically removed, my grades were slipping, especially since I had to seek remedies out of town. During this experience, I underwent a life changing and introspective phase. I got a new perspective on life, and realized that my interests have always lain in the medical field. Although I am not gifted with the stamina required to be a surgeon or a general practitioner, my aptitude in chemistry has directed me to the field of Pharmacy. My aspiration is to get into the Doctor of Pharmacy program where I will work diligently toward success in attaining the degree.

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The next huddle is in gleaning as much knowledge from the experienced pharmacists. I have no doubt that this will prove a very useful learning experience as there is only so much that an individual can learn from lectures alone. My interest lies in Community Pharmacy.

I prefer working close to the community, and playing a significant role in changing the lives of the people in my community by providing them with useful and efficient services that will help them attain a better and healthier state. The experiences that I have had in the medical field have served as motivation to join this field. They have also given me an appreciation and clearer guide to the path that I should take as far as my medical career is concerned. There is an immense sense of accomplishment from the experiences that I have achieved in helping others at any level. In addition, there is an awareness that is provided by dealing with medical practitioners that is helpful in achieving my future goals. My own personal experiences with incurable terminal diseases such as cancer have inspired me to one day dedicate my life to cancer research. My parents have both fought cancer, beginning with my father who successfully fought prostate cancer, and my mother who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

I would like to do further research to find a more promising cure for this scourge that claims many people worldwide every year. This is in honor of my parents and the loved ones of so many others who are left with the scars that this disease inflicts. We have made great advances in the field of medicine but more needs to be done, and I would like to be part of affecting this progress. The following is a comprehensive summary of my work experience: East Village Pharmacy Dearborn, MI from 9/09-08/12, Troy pharmacy Troy, MI, 05/11-08/11, Dearborn orthopedic Dearborn, MI, 7/09-08/09, Associated Physics of Dearborn, Dearborn, MI, 05/10-09/10My extracurricular actives include: VA Ann Arbor healthcare 30 hrs, University of Michigan Health Care, 30hrs, Walgreens, 350hrs (I still currently volunteer here), Oak Wood Hospital and Medical Center, 35 hrs, Henry Ford Village, 22 hrs, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, 25 hrs, Arab American Student Union, 50hrs, Righteous Benevolence, 25hrs, Circle K International, 34 hrs, Locks of Love, 22 hrs, American Red Cross, 30 hrs, American Cancer Society, 20 hrs, Bone Marrow Drive, 28 hrs, Lebanese student association 30 hrs, Relay for Life 192 hrs Honors and school scholarships:I have received the Michigan merit scholarship I was part of the national honors society throughout high school, Dean’s list, DECA club honors, Key club honors, Rotary club scholarship, Young Leaders and Achievers scholarship, Wayne State University scholarship

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