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Last updated: August 6, 2019

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Personal Statement My name is Milad Ahmed and I am currently a Year 11 pupil at Lea Manor High School, I began my education at Walaud Primary School, and have lived in Luton for most of my life I see myself as a confident and intelligent person and I love to stand out from the crowd and be myself.

I am very sociable and enjoy spending time with my friends and meeting new people, but I also am very hardworking and focus on my work at all times and don’t let my outside life interrupt with my learning.I believe that it is important to hear other people’s opinions rather than my own. In my spare time I like to socialise with my friends, listen to music and play some of my favourite sports including football and badminton. Reading books are also another thing I like doing in my spare time I believe that this will help me increase my vocabulary level. I like a lot of books and one of my favourite books are the ‘Harry Potter’ books by J. K Rowling. I love listening to all types of music by the ones I like most are hip-hop to RnB.I like to stay fit and healthy, which is why I take a number of sports inside and outside of school.

During my time at Walaud, I played for the school football team and participated in every training session and played matches against schools all around Luton. Recently, I started going to the Lea Manor gym with my friends, and this will help me stay fit and healthy. For my work experience I went to an M. O. T garage in Selbourne road the company is called Mann Auto centre. During these visits I learnt a number of skills ncluding communication skills and organization skills.As I am in Year 11 1 have to be a good role model to the younger students.

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In school I enjoy every one of my lessons, but I especially enjoy Mathematics, Graphic Products and Geography. I am really looking forward to college life in Luton Sixth Form College and would like to study AS level Accounting, AS level Economics and BTEC Business Level 3 Diploma, I wish to go to University of Cambridgeshire after I finish my studies which will help me in my goal to be successful business person

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