Personality has ‘strange views’ because his faith is

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Personality Profile Mindaugas SamusasAfter travelling nearly 2500kilometres away from home, he rolled up in the United Kingdom with only £20.

00in his pocket.Travelling to the United Kingdom,he left the small city of Siauliai in Lithuania behind in the summer of 2017. Despitethe offer of financial support from his parents, he decided to not accept thisoffer of help wanting to start afresh using the little amount of money that hehad.With this minute amount of moneyMindaugas Samusas had to purchase food, find a place to stay and familiarisehimself with a different culture and country.

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Having arrived in the UnitedKingdom alone, he was frightened about what was going to happen next and thedaunting prospect of finding employment, securing housing as well as getting togrips with British culture. Whilst in Siauliai, LithuaniaMindaugas worked as a labourer with his father from the age of fourteen and inhis youth he socialised with people who drove him down the path of behavingarrogantly and acting in an immoral way, such as becoming involved in thieving.Even after behaving with hostility towards someone who is now a lifelongfriend, Jonas persisted to introducing himself to and befriending Mindaugas. Aftermeeting who Mindaugas now describes as a ‘brother’ whom reformed him andchanged his attitude, outlook and behaviour he now says that he has becomesomeone who is ‘thoughtful and understanding’ and this is reflected through hiskind and chivalrous behaviour.People have sometimes said thatMindaugas has ‘strange views’ because his faith is Christianity but he muchprefers the Buddhist values of being more focused on the mind rather than theworship of a single God and meditation for the self instead of orthodoxreligious practice.

An aspiration of Mindaugas is that one day he hopes totravel to the mountains and temples in Japan and China and meet religiouspilgrims such as monks. Spirituality interests Mindaugas and his tattoos ofmountains have hidden, spiritual meanings which only he knows and understands.After spending years in Siauliai,partying from a young age, Mindaugas now enjoys relaxing at home, watchingmovies and spending time with his cousin and roommate. An interest ofMindaugas’ is that he enjoys watching television, specifically The Simpsons andThe Walking Dead and he is also well travelled visiting places such as Latvia,Russia, Sweden and Poland stating that Sweden was his favourite destinationbecause of the idyllic ‘landscapes’ that this European country had to offer.Now settled in the United Kingdomafter leaving both his parents and his younger brother Matas behind, Mindaugashas found himself somewhere to stay as well as securing himself employment in afactory. Mindaugas is currently studying English and Journalism at CoventryUniversity and in the future he aspires ‘to be a travel journalist’ becausepart of the experience is visiting new ‘places’ and meeting ‘new people’.Although a difficult experience,Mindaugas found this ‘interesting’ and ultimately rewarding because hesucceeded at adapting from another place at a relatively young age and settinghimself up in what was to him an alien country.

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