Persons living with HIV/AIDS

Persons living with HIV/AIDS In most parts of the world, HIV/AIDS is a great menace to the development of the children.

This epidemic affects the children directly and indirectly. Those indirectly affected are those that lose their parents, guardians and siblings through HIV/AIDS sickness. Many children become infected through their mothers during breast feeding, delivery or pregnancy.

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They can also be infected by blood transfusion or injecting drug abuse by sharing of the syringes. Measures are therefore taken to prevent mother to child transmission and to ensure blood safety so that HIV/AIDS prevalence rate among the infants is reduced. The government also issues syringes to the drug addicts to prevent sharing that could spread HIV/AIDS. The older people mostly contract HIV/AIDS due to having unprotected sex with multiple sex partners. They also face some factors that the young infected people do not face such as accepting their current health condition. They usually get depressed and less focused on joining support groups (Bellenir & Dresser, 2002). A lower education level also affects a person’s health since there is lack of exposure and knowledge on the part.

The majority of the populations usually have a higher education level than the minority of the population. They therefore lack the good health. This low socioeconomic status amongst the minority of the population leads to high mortality rates. The minority population mostly lacks health insurance or in some cases are usually under insured.

This factor greatly affects their health and ability to prevent the spread of diseases amongst them. They usually face challenges in dealing with HIV/AIDS prevention. Those infected also find it hard to live with the disease for long and as a result, they die early

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