Petrochemical industries uses hydrocarbons or also called as

industry and the products coming from it, play an enormous role in daily life
of a person. In
reality, the petrochemical industry is one of the most beneficial things in
one’s own life. They are responsible for creating many of the items we use
every day. But most importantly, the petrochemical industry plays a huge role
in benefiting the economy of every country all over the world. It provides personal needs to make
the work light and breathless. Imagine the life without fertilizers, cosmetics,
gasoline, detergents, synthetic fabrics, asphalt and plastic. All of this
products are came from petrochemicals where derived from petroleum or natural
gas. The petrochemical industry relies heavily in natural gases or petroleum as
their raw materials and oil is one of the most important petrochemical
substances in manufacturing.

industries uses hydrocarbons or also called as crude to take natural gas
liquids from a gas processing plant and use a steam cracking process to produce
olefins. Olefins are one of the basic components for a wide range of materials
such as solvents, detergents, and adhesives. Olefins are the basis for polymers
and oligomers used in plastics, fibers, lubricants, and gels. Ethylene and
propylene or olefins are the component of plastic to produce a substance using
flare with a maximum temperature to manufacture a raw material, but besides the
blessing indeed by Petrochemical plants there is an implication to the people
and in environment because of smoke that industries externalize in order to
create a new product.

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            Due to continuous and long lasting
emission of petrochemical which are pollutant because of high amount of carbon
dioxide produced by petrochemical plants. Using flare where redolent toxic and
morbid smoke passes to the atmosphere that will contribute to global warming
leading to climate change. It produce noxious chemical that can contaminate the
land, wind and marine life all over the world.

            Also the
chemical that Petrochemical industries produced have been found that it is one
of the cause of complication in respiratory and related ailments to human
beings and animal kingdom.

            In this study, it will give emphasis
on the possible environmental impacts and inconvenience of emission of
petrochemical to our environment, animals and human beings especially to the
residence of Barangay Pinamucan Ibaba, Batangas City where they experience the
emission of petrochemical because of enormous petrochemical industry out there.
Create a systematic evaluation on the residence in Barangay Pinamucan Ibaba
were in they are the most convenient Barangay in eminent and huge industry of
petrochemical. Observe the life of the people on how they cope up in the
environment enclosed to petrochemical plants. Determine their everyday
experiences on the gigantic machines that produce reek and toxic smell. Assess
the possible damages of emission of petrochemical in the residence health,
livelihood and natural resources surrounds them. It will also provide effective
and concrete solution on how to minimize the effect of petrochemical to all
living things closely to petrochemical industry in Barangay Pinamucan Ibaba, Batangas

are one of the biggest sector of the economy that could integrate the country
when it comes to economic development. Because of its strong linkages upstream,
midstream and downstream, the sector provides robust multiplier effects on
other main sectors of the economy such as construction, electronics and
computer, medical services, transportation and automotive, packaging,
education, telecommunications, electrical and water distribution, agriculture
and fishery, and furniture, among others.

            Residing in
a rural place may have many advantages than residing in cities, but also it has
disadvantages that some other people prefer to reside in the city. Most of the
time, the advantages of cities are disadvantages to rural areas and vice versa.

            On the
positive side, Barangay Pinamucan Ibaba are rural area feature much more open
space and less crowding. Their violent and property crime rate are much lower
than those in the cities, as we have seen. In terms of agriculture, they have
an advantage on having abundant, fresh and healthy goods. Also, residing in the
rural area are more peacefully than urban residents do.

            On the
negative side, rural areas are often poor and lack the services, employment and
activities that cities have. Teens often complain of boredom and drug and
alcohol use can be high. Barangay Pinamucan Ibaba lacks in high-speed internet,
a necessity in today’s economy. As a result, their economic development is
impaired. All these challenges contribute special problems in rural areas. On
the other hand, even if it’s one of the rural barangay the air is not fresh
like before. One of the reason are the continuously expansion of the
petrochemical plant near in the said barangay. For these and other reasons,
rural residents engage in poor mental health like urban residents do.

researchers came up with this study to notify the residents of Barangay Pinamucan
Ibaba on what will be the possible effects of petrochemical emissions. Most of
the residents are lack of knowledge with regards to what said emissions.
Through this study the residents who reside near the plant will be having
essential knowledge about petrochemical plant operation and the possible
effects of it not only for their health but also to their environment and
livelihood. Through the conduct of this research, the researchers, who are STEM
students will be provided of additional knowledge about engineering practices
which may help them in their future career.

Theoretical Framework

study is theoretical positions devised for examining and understanding about the

According to the book of Gale Science in Context
(2008) the kinetic theory of gases (also known as kinetic-molecular theory) is
a law that explains the behaviour of a hypothetical ideal gas. According to
this theory, gases are made up of tiny particles in random, straight line
motion. They move rapidly and continuously and make collisions with each other
and the walls. This was the first theory to describe gas pressure in terms of
collisions with the walls of the container, rather than from static forces that
push the molecules apart. Kinetic theory also explains how the different sizes
of the particles in a gas can give them different, individual speeds. 

In addition, according to Chemistry Text (2017) the
collision theory explains that gas-phase chemical reactions occur when
molecules collide with sufficient kinetic energy. The collision theory is based
on the kinetic theory of gases; therefore only dealing with gas-phase chemical
reactions are dealt with. Ideal gas assumptions are applied. The collision theory of gases
gives the rate constant for bimolecular gas-phase reactions; it is equal to the
rate of successful collisions. The rate of successful collisions is
proportional to the fraction of successful collisions multiplied by the overall
collision frequency.

petrochemical emission can also affect human’s health as well as the animals’ according
to (2009) Bisphenol A (BPA), a derivative of the petrochemical
benzene essential to the manufacture of tough polycarbonate plastic and epoxy
resins that are fabricated into a wide variety of modern products, including
metal food cans, hard plastic infant formula bottles, water bottles, safety
helmets and glasses, television, computer and cell phone housings, compact
discs and high performance coatings. BPA is a synthetic estrogen that
researchers have found to disrupt the endocrine system, disrupt normal
reproductive system development and diminish test animals’ intellectual and behavioural
capacity. BPA has been implicated in a lengthening list of serious chronic
disorders, including cancer, cognitive and behavioural impairments, endocrine
system disruption, reproductive and cardiovascular system abnormalities,
diabetes, asthma and obesity.


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