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Phablets is a combination of a phone and a tablet. Phablets are bigger than smartphones but smaller than tablets.  Phablets have a larger touch screen that can be used for everyday activities so it is easier to browse the internet and multimedia viewing and input data.  Phablets have a range of features that can be used for example some Phablets have a stylus pen that can be used to write with on the device. A benefit of using a phablet it has a long battery life because manufacturers are able to fit bigger batteries into bigger devices.

 Another benefit of using a phablets is it is easier to read and write because of the larger screen in comparison to smartphones. A limitation of using a phablet is people with small hand will have difficulty of using the device so therefore it will be uncomfortable to use. A drawback is that if the phablet drops there’s high chance of the screen to crack and costs are expensive to repair.An example of a phablet is a Samsung galaxy note 5 its network technology has a GSM which compresses the data and then sends it to the channel which processes 1 to 900 MHz frequency. GSM is useful because phablets can be used in foreign countries.

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The galaxy note has a LTE which is used for high speed wireless communication; it also has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G access by LTE. The drawback is the signal strength varies depending on the amount of people on the network and the location the user is accessing the internet. When trying to connect to Wi-Fi many factors can intervene and affect the signal strengths for example walls. comparison to mobile phones have smaller screens and are more portable than compared to phablets. Smartphones are essential devices to have such as emailing, voice and face recognition.

 A smartphone is a mobile phone that has more functionality than just calling and sending messages. Most smartphones have now the capacity to display photos and play videos and surf the web. The most common smartphones such as the IPhone and Android based phones can run third party applications which can offer limitless functionality. Some smartphones initially designed for business purposes for example Blackberry was designed mainly for emailing. Manufacturers like HTC, Apple and Samsung now offer a wide variety of smartphone options as well. Since smartphones have a wide range of functionality they require advanced software, similar to a computer operating systems.

An advantage of using a smartphone is easily fit into the user’s hand and smartphones like Samsung galaxy s3 is small so it’s easy to use for a user who has small hands. The drawback of using a small phone like a Samsung galaxy s3 it has short battery life because it has a small battery. Another drawback it is hard to read and write on the device.$ORIGIN_PNG$Tablets Tablets are a portable computer that uses touch screen as a primary input device. Most tablets weigh less than an average laptop so therefore is easier to carry.

Tablets have an on screen keyboard which means that there’s no need for a physical keyboard. Tablets were initially designed to work with light pens, but most tablets don’t need pens because they support human touch input. Many tablets support multi-touch input, which allows users to perform gestures such as pinching an image to zoom out, or spreading fingers apart to zoom in. Since tablets have no need for mouse’s and keyboards as their primary source of input, the user’s interface of a tablet is better than an ordinary laptop. For example instead double click on the mouse to open a file, most applications for a tablet will open with a single tap.

Also on a tablet scrolling down on a page is easy all the user has to do is swipe up and down. Smartwatches Smartwatches are computerized devices and have more features than just showing the time. For example monitoring heart rates, tracking activities and providing reminders throughout the day. Like a smartphones, smartwatches has touchscreen display this means actions can be performed by tapping or swiping on the screen.  Most smartwatches have several apps that will allow more functionality such as weather information, listing stock prices and displaying map for navigation.

The drawback of using smartwatches they need a smartphone to work. The reason for this is because the data first if sent to the phone to the smartwatch. For example if the user is using a messaging app like WhatsApp smartwatch will allow the user to receive the message but won’t be able to send a message.

The user can only send messages through the phone. Most smartwatches don’t include Wi-Fi, so therefore most apps rely on a smartphones to provide data through Bluetooth connection.   Smartwatches rely heavily smartphones so they are not considered as a device by itself.

Smartwatches have amazing unique features that don’t need a smartphone for example activity tracking is possible smartwatches embedded accelerometer and heart rate monitor. A smartwatch also has GPS receiver that can precisely track and record outdoor runs. If the watch has a near field communication chip then the user can pay through the smartwatch by using the credit card that is saved on the smartphone. Lastly if the watch has sufficient storage music can be played directly from the watch via Bluetooth headphones.  An example of a smartwatch is an apple watch it has unique feature such as it can be used in water so it is waterproof.Sat-navs Sat-Navs are used to pinpoint the location of a device by using a satellite.

Sat navs are  mainly used for navigation for example TomTom is a sat-nav it’s mainly used to get to somewhere. it’s the best sat-nav because it main purpose is  get to destinations. Sat navs are mainly used in cars embedded in the navigation systems. Embedded  devices Embedded devices are small devices that can be put into a mobile device or a car there are many examples such as speakers , camera, microphone, GPS tracker and proximity sensors theses are all embedded into a mobile device.

A car has a sat-nav embedded inside its navigation system. Mobile Operating systems Mobile Operating systems are operating system that is specifically designed to run on mobile devices, for example android and apple devices.  Samsung’s operating system is called  Bada it is a privately owned samsung mobile operating system. Bada provides features like multi point touch and downloading applications, this operating system was introduced 2010.

Apples operating system is called IOS. The IOS was mainly for Iphone devices but now it supports most Apple devices such as Ipod touch and Ipads. The IOS is only available on Apple devices. The Android mobile operating system is available for most smartphones to use. it is owned by google and designed for touch screen mobile phones. Windows Mobile is Microsoft’s mobile operating system used in smartphones and mobile devices.

it doesn’t matter if mobile device is touch screen compatible. Methods of connectivity Wired vs WirelessConnectivity is when a mobile device is connected to a network or another device. There are many methods of connectivity, for example wired connectivity means that there’s a physical cable that connects the mobile device to a portable device e.g.

laptop. There is also wireless connectivity means there is no need for a physical cable the mobile device can be connected via Bluetooth. Wireless connectivity allows users to move with their mobile devices. Wireless connectivity is not as reliable as wired connectivity. Bluetooth allows devices to connect to other devices that are close by. Wireless connectivity have a slower rate of data transmission in compare to wired connectivity.

This is because there are many factors that can limit wireless connectivity for example walls can disrupt the connectivity and also how far the device is from the wireless can also limit the rate of data transmission. technology  Cellular technologies are based on cellular networks. Cellular networks are radio networks that can spread over land through cells where each cells contain a fixed location transceiver known as base station. These cells together provide radio coverage over large geographical areas.

Mobile phones are therefore are able to communicate. Cellular networks offer the subscribers solutions which include some advanced features for example increased capacity, small battery usage, a larger geographical coverage area and less interference from other signals.                       http://www. Routing generally means to route data packets on their to a designated destination. this term can be used for data travelling on the internet over 3G or 4G networks. routing can also take place within private networks.Internet routing is the process of transmitting and routing data packets over the internet between two or more junction.

 It utilizes IP-based networks, but mainly those which are publicly accessible. Internet routers route data packets from internal networks to external network using internet based networks. This involves sending messages that travel between several internet service providers before reaching the destination. Address (internet protocol)An internet protocol address is an unique name or numbers that is assigned to a device such as a computer, printer, router.

The IP address is the core component on which the network design is built, no network is built without it. The numerals in an IP address are divided in 2 parts, the network part specifies which network it belongs to and the host part further pinpoints the exact location.  IP addresses is the most important part in the networking that joins the world wide web together.IPV4 and IPV6 IPV4 is the fourth version of the internet protocol and it is used for data communication.  IPV4 is a connectionless protocol that uses packets-switched layer networks, such as ethernet.

IPV6 is the sixth version of the internet protocol  it used in carrying data packets from the source to the destination.MAC Addresses (media access control)A MAC address is an unique identifier for an ethernet cable or an network adapter over a network. it differentiates different network interfaces and is used for lots of network technologies.

MAC addresses are generally assigned the manufacturer of every network interface card developed. unlike IP addresses, MAC addresses are permanent and cannot be changed.DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) A DHCP  server is a device or system which controls DHCP. It assigns IP addresses to client computer that connect to it in order for the clients to become part of the network. The DHCP server considerably reduces configuration efforts because an administrator does not have to manually assign each computer with an IP addresses.Default Gateway A default gateway serves as an access point that a networked computer that can be used to send information to a computer in another network.

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