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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Philosophy of Education Education is an extremely important profession because it gives rise to all skilled professionals in the different fields. It is true to say that for one to be specialized in a certain area; they had to go through the hands of different instructors, and levels of education. The profession of education is, therefore, a noble one and extremely important in laying a foundation for millions around the world, to become experienced men and women. Education is also an important career path as it ensures the continuity of knowledge and skills from one generation to another while still maintaining basic core principles and values. Additionally, the career not only requires job-specific skills but also numerous general skills such as listening and understanding to cater for the diverse audience equally and effectively. Presidents, prime ministers, kings and queens have also passed through the able hands of teaching professionals, and this further highlights the importance of individuals within the vocation of education. Education, as an occupation, has also over the years, imparted individuals with life skills, in addition to academic skills.

Teachers and instructors in this field go an extra mile in teaching their students lessons to take them through life, in addition to the skills they need in their areas of specialization. Teaching may not be the highest paying of jobs, but a vocation that gives an individual personal and career satisfaction. Personally, the method of teaching I enjoy is independent studying. This is where an instructor gives notes ahead of a class, and the purpose of the class is simply to raise and discuss issues that may not be familiar with the students. In independent studies, the student is charged with the responsibility of researching and understanding concepts on their own as opposed to fully relying on the instructor for information. One main advantage of this approach to studying is that an individual personalizes concepts and makes sense out of them in their own way. As such, the knowledge acquired becomes applicable and fresh in their minds for a long time because it was not spoon-fed, but was a self-initiative to learn.

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I plan to approach my learners in the same way, by teaching them to be independent and in control of their education. The first step to take in independent studies is to introduce the learners to this concept and explain its benefits to their education in the end. Independent studying also gives each student a platform to air his or her thoughts and opinions on a subject matter. Unlike spoon-feeding of students where a lecturer dictates notes and the students write them down, discussions encourage each individual to speak and come out of their comfort zones in expressing their views. Independent studies encourage confidence in a student and increase their capability to speak in public and relate new knowledge to practical life experiences. I consider my teaching style as that of a facilitator, whereby I address the needs of the learners through allowing them to work on various activities.

This enhances their independence as it allows them to become thinkers and expand their focus beyond what is written in their texts. I also encourage active participation during the process of learning as this enables the learner to interact freely with his or her peers. The enhanced form of collaboration that is brought about by this teaching style also makes sure that the learner can become efficient in problem-solving. The process of learning should not only be passing information from an instructor to learners, but should be supported using other methods. One way of supporting learning is through giving assignments and research, to further the student’s knowledge on a concept using new knowledge and information.

Visual and hearing aids can also support the process of learning as they help reinforce concepts being passed in class and further bring them to live. Visual and hearing aids include pictures, movies, documentaries, movies among others. My philosophy statement shows my commitment in sticking to professionalism while still maintaining a caring attitude towards learners. Professionalism is brought out through the need to empower students to be the drivers of their own education.

A caring leader is one who understands the needs of their audience and, therefore, goes down to their level to try fit in their shoes. In my philosophy, I intend to use additional teaching aids to familiarize students to concepts that seem distant, using disciplines they understand such as music, film and art.

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