figurative language (poetry)

repetition use of same words over and over to emphasize importance prose plain everyday language with no pattern alliteration repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of several words denotation exact dictionary meaning exaggeration stretching the truth dialogue conversation between characters irony expression of words used to convey an opposite meaning imagery language that appeals to the senses metaphor direct comparison between two things onomatopeia use of words that sound

A belief is what we accept as the truth

Truth and belief are both terms used in the definition of knowledge. The Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names1 defines knowledge as justified true belief, a statement accepted by nearly all Western philosophers. Therefore by looking J.W. Apps’ statement “A belief is what we accept as the truth”, we must somehow take into account its context in knowledge and how knowledge can be justified. However, being a TOK question, the

Causation of World War One

In 1900, almost every one would have agreed that to be a great country, you had to have a great Empire. Two such examples of this were France and Britain. Since 1800, they had been increasing their empires steadily. I will be looking at how the desire to expand Empires led up to one of the most bloody wars in history. The two other main causes that I think led

Since for the learner), therefore meaning that there

Since this introduction of ethicalguidelines, there have been improvements in the ethics of studies. One example ofthis is a partial replication of Milgram (1963) conducted by Burger (2009).This study replicated Milgram in as many ways as it ethically could, however itmade several changes in the procedure of the study. In Milgram’s study, shocks went up to 450V somany participants became distressed towards the end, which was unethical. Burgernoted that in┬áVariation

American Literature: Post Civil War Era

When was this? Just after the Civil War In 1869, what was invented? Transcontinental Railroad What other things were invented during this time? Telegraph, telephone, and electricity Why did people go west? For gold Negatives of rapid growth: 1. Even more Native American lives were disrupted 2. The power was in the hands of few 3. The workers’ conditions worsened What literary developments were popular? Realism (natural color) and (naturalism)

Literary Terms – Elements of Style

atmosphere The mood the reader gets from the setting, the characterization and the tone of the narrator. colloquial words and phrases used in everyday speech but avoided in formal writing connotation the implied or associative meaning of a word denotation The dictionary definition of a word dialogue a literary composition in the form of a conversation between two people diction the manner in which something is expressed in words epigram

How the extract represents ‘authors’ and positions its ‘readers’

In ‘Oranges are not the Only Fruit’ major literary theories are explored. The author engages perspectives on literature, namely those of Roland Barthes and Wolfgang Iser, to enable the reader to investigate these themselves. In ‘Deuteronomy’ the concept of having ‘to know what we are doing, pretending an order that doesn’t exist, to make a security that cannot exist’ is mentioned. This attacks the way that readers want to assume

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