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EXISTING used to compute hyperplane with maximum margin. The

EXISTINGSYSTEM:Inthe exiting system of the gender prediction from handwriting there are somelimitations. A computer is not allowed to transcript the content of difficulthandwritten document. While writing there are many difficulties are produced byinterpersonal and intrapersonal. Noisy background is also a limitation ofexisting system. The supervised learning problems are considered as binary ormulti-class ones. PROPOSEDSYSTEM:Theproposed system presents the study to predict gender of individuals from the scannedcopy of their handwritings. The proposed

Convectional An Intilligent is based on hard computing techniques

Convectional computing is a type of computing which operates within the framework that were programmed into it.It contains processor speed and memory,but the code it have which softwaredesigners and writers have produced.An Intelligence is much like humans, make choice as it’s own. It would be able to learn and in essence, invariably reprogram itself. It would be able to make decisions based on a moreproper or novel,but not programmed in

Poetry Terms – Figurative Language

Figurative Language words that mean something different than they seem to mean. Simile a comparison between two things that always ueses like or as. Metaphor a direct comparison between two things that dose not use like or as. Personification giving human traits or actions to a non-human thing. Hyperbole an exaggeration to communicate something to the reader. Onomatopoeia words that sound like noises. Alliteration repeating the same consonant sound atbthe


Plagiarism Name: Course: Instructor: Institution: Date: Plagiarism Plagiarism can be identified as the process of stealing or copying another person’s written work and presenting as original. In the process of writing people paraphrase sentences wrongly and end up plagiarizing their work. Good paraphrasing entails Plagiarized pages The writer in the opening sentence uses the correct citation process by putting the words of Nickerson in quotes followed by the page number,

None 7

None 7 Name: Institution: Course: Lecturer: Date: None 7 Q1. Multisided and Dialogic Argument A dialogic argument is one that gives valid areas in a given topic without focusing solely on the speaker’s point of view. On the other hand, a multi sided argument is one that gives the writer’s point of view although it still summarizes other perceptions of the topic with the aim of trying to persuade any

Dictionaries became established and in the second part an

Dictionaries were clearly produced as part of the drivetowards standardization and improvement of the language. An important stepforward in organizing the English lexicon took place when..Robert Cawdrey published the first “dictionary of hardwords” in 1604. A Table Alphabeticall contained glosses for 3,000 “hard usualEnglish words”. A part from occasional collection of a few thousand “hardwords”, the task was not attempted until 1721 when Nathanael Bailey publishedhis “Universal Etymological English Dictionary”.

Initial dilemma

A writer almost always has an initial dilemma–how to start his piece in consideration of the best way to engage the reader (a common solution to this is to write the introduction after the body of the paper has been drafted). The introduction can be thought of as a transition from the familiar world of the reader to the less familiar one of the essay.Some ways of going about the

The Essay Writing Process

The writing process is a sequence of steps that one’s follow in acheive a masterpiece of writing a paper. Writing process has four steps that are essential needed to expand a person writing. Prewriting is the first step when one brainstorm topic to gather ideas. Planning is the second step where the process of thinking about and organizing steps in an outline. Drafting is the third step that the paragraph

The Art of Comparative Writing

There are proven concepts that should be followed when writing about literature. These guidelines are presented to writers so the final product will be a successful and well-written paper.Even though these guidelines are straight-forward, not all writers are able to convey their message using the proper concepts.While both of the students’ essays explore the initiation theme found in William Faulkner’s “Barn Burning,” John Updike’s “A&P,” and James Joyce’s “Eveline,” “Hard

7 elements of literature

Theme central message or insight into life revealed through literary work. A long literary work may have several themes. Plot What happens and why. Setting The time, place of the action Characters The people who are used in the work, such as: protagonist, antagonist. Major characters and minor characters. Theme central Tone the writers attitude toward his or her audience and subject usually revealed through diction, images, and details. Some

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