Photography, moment so small yet blissful in nature,

Photography, an art form that captures ones moment, still in time, while the world seamlessly rolls on. A moment in which every detail is locked,  like an old childhood memory.     moments of joy or sadness, sparking conversations of peaked interest.

  Bringing unlikely creative minds together, for a greater becoming.  A moment so small yet blissful in nature, an extension of one’s mind, in one small picture. I believe, photography can be so much more, more than just a picture. The feelings portrayed behind the image, the raw emotion expressed in one single moment. A camera is an extension of one’s idea.

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 What a person was feeling that day, the story that was never told. Photography can be used to bring people together, in harmony, with each one’s ideas and opinions being conversed. When all seems lost or hopeless, one can find passion in this art form.  I hope to express emotions in my photography. In today’s world, there is a lot of negativity and egotism. It’s like we’ve lost our sense of who we are as a human race. Generations of having to portray yourself as the “world” sees fit.

Little sparks of self righteousness, humble about who you are, and not afraid to express one’s self.  I plan to create this in my artwork. I want to show how everything is connected, for one’s mind to expand its reaches, out of its usual realm of thinking. To show little moments of beauty, in what seems to be a cold world.  I wish to inspire conversations of hope, a new beginning of enlightenment. Photography has a meaning and story behind it. Whether it be about the faults of war, or the poverty on our earth, or the moments you miss strolling through life. To take an image and have feeling behind it.

To also take an image and know how the artist was feeling. People all have different emotions toward triggered moments in their life. An image taken can be held dearly to someone, bringing them back lost emotions once forgotten.  I plan to bring together different walks of life. Conversations of intricate ways my work can show a brighter way of thinking. To show people it’s okay to be different in your own artistic ways. Everyone has an art form in their own way, and to express that through image, is one of my greatest passions.

Once you find yourself you can find happiness in what seemed to be absolute things. To bring a sense of raw emotions to another human being through photography, to seize a special moment or bring back one.  Albert Einstein once said “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” , and I plan to use this in my photography to create different ways of thinking, create conversations of a new beginning.

A beginning that brings distinct minds together through photography, and brings a new meaning to photography from others perspectives.  

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