Physical Appearance and Body Image Contribute Significantly

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Last updated: February 9, 2019

Our sense of self is then Influenced by opinions of peers, how they Judge us based on our looks.

For example, fat people In general get bullied because their stature don’t look the same from the majority of the group. This can Impact their individual’s sense of self, their personality and self-esteem can be disrupted as they become isolated from the peer group. They may perceive themselves as useless and inferior. This also can be exemplified from the film, Skin, directed by Anthony Fabian.

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Sandra goes to a white school for the first time and the classmates and even the searchers begin discriminating her because she’s ‘black’. Therefore, Sander’s self- perception is changed as she considers herself now as “black” and therefore an inferior mankind because now she does not feel she belongs to a white community because her appearance is different from everybody else. This proves how significant peer groups’ views on our appearance contributes to an Individual’s identity. In Dalton, we are also defined based on authority and society’s views on our physical appearance and body Image.In society, If you want to apply for a Job, you need to do a Job Interview.

The first thing you want to do when you arrive on an interview is to look neat and have a good posture because the first impression is what matters most. Statistic shows that visual contributes to 73% to being successful in achieving the interview. For example, if you are overweight and you turn up for your interview, the employer may think you as lazy based on your appearance. Your sense of self is weakened even though your appearance is not who you really are.

You may feel inferior and cannot achieve anything in this world. Under the oppression by the government, between sass and sass, aboriginal children in Australia are taken away from their families and tried to breed their aboriginal of out them by raising them In a white family. As a consequence, because of their skin color, their Identity Is changed. Their original Identity has been taken away from them permanently and how they express themselves Is hard because they do not know who they are, as they do not belong In either aborigines or white community.I Norte an Uninominal I ‘s mentally can De change Day cooperativeness’s the individual’s appearance.

Flews on On the other hand, when we are in the family, our physical appearance and body image does not matter because family members “do not Judge the book based on its cover”, but on the inside. In general, family always show unconditional love to each family member even though they may be fat, skinny, tall, or short. In my family, my father rather fat, however, my mother, my siblings and I still loves him for who he is.His appearance is not as important as who he is on the inside. As a result, his sense of self is not altered based on our views on his appearance.

In Skin, Sandra is really different from her parents based on skin color, but her family accepts her for who she is regardless, although her father was racist against ‘black people. Sander’s perception on herself is unchanged when she is around her family, until she is exposed to the outside world where she continually discriminated because of her skin color.Belonging in different groups have different impact in developing an individual’s sense of self. Some groups may weaken a person’s sense of self, while others have no impact, such as family.

Our physical appearance and body image is inevitably to be an important factor when peer groups and the society determine our identity. They see us based on the outside, not the inside. However, our family will never Judge us based on the outside. Therefore our sense of self is not altered by their Judgment on our appearances.

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