Picture, is all about. You can also make

whenever you walk into work, what is one thing that will always be there,
technology right. You see Technology is apart of everything now day’s. You
can’t get around it. Just face it, its always going to be apart of are lives
forever. In this paper I will be explaining how technology has changed the way
we do our jobs.

       The fax machine, the fax machine
has been a huge part in jobs. This machine can take an image of a document made by electronic scanning
and transmitted as data. Fax machines where really popular when they where
invented. Once they hit the market over 200,000 fax machines were sold, later
they sky rocketed to a whopping 2.2 million fax machines where sold. Fax
machines makes jobs much easier on people who have to send documents to other

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        Another example is social media. I mean
if you had a company, your set, social media is a great way to advertise for
your company. On social media your able to show people what your company is all
about. You can also make your own website to show off your company and even
sell merchandise on there. I don’t know what we would have done without social


        Security is also a big part for
companies. Lets say you owned a bank, your security has a big part in
protecting money and other people’s money. What if you wanted to check your
balance on your phone, you need a high security system in order to protect your
client’s information. What if someone goes in a bank and try’s to rob it.
Things like a panic button can help situations a lot and most importantly
CAMERA’S they record and save data so you can possibly find out who did in.



        Even though technology is making are
lives easier I think it’s too much. With too much technology, we might screw
are selves. We might get to the point to where we get replaced by robots. Do
you think its to much? I do.


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