Pierre until July 21st, 1988. The main reason

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Pierre Elliott Trudeau was Canada’s 15th prime minister. He was prime minister from 1968- 1979 and from 1980-1984. He was not only prime minister, he was a writer, lawyer, and a Canadian statesman. He did many significant things as prime minister of Canada including, Creating the Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms, he gave the government the idea about the multicultural policy, created the official languages act (Bilingualism), he legalized abortion, contraception, lotteries, and homosexual acts, and finally he had a long lasting effect on immigrants to Canada because of the multicultural policy. For these reasons, he should be memorialized. ( Canadian Encyclopedia) The Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms Protects Canadians against the state & protects minorities against parliamentary majorities. It allows canadians the freedom of expression, the right to a democratic government, the right to live and seek work anywhere, legal rights of people accused of crimes, the rights of indigenous people, the right to equality and gender equality, and the right to education in french or english.

This was created on April 17th, 1982.  (Canadian Encyclopedia) This is extremely important to all Canadians now in 2018, all Canadians who lived in the past and all future Canadians. In 1971, Pierre Trudeau wanted to create a multicultural policy. This policy was to create and promote diversity, recognize the rights of aboriginal people, and support the use of French and English. This act was not passed by the government until July 21st, 1988. The main reason that this act was created was so that the government would protect all ethnic, racial, linguistic, and religious aspects of Canada. The effect of this included a bomb of research and campaigning for and against biodiversity all over the country. Although this act did not cover every single aspect of biodiversity it definitely started the idea in Canada and left lots of room for improvement within the years.

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Canada was the first country to pass a multicultural law, and that is why this is extremely significant to Canada’s heritage. (Canadian Encyclopedia)  The multicultural act is still important to this day because it allows refugees to be a part of Canada. For example, Canada takes in approximately 300,000 immigrants yearly since 2016 and in 2016, Canada accepted 46,321 refugees which was the highest ever since 1978. (UNHCR) ` Bilingualism was in the Constitution act of 1867, however it was not yet ‘official’.

Trudeau was a very strong believer that Canada needs everything communicated in both French and English, he also wanted everyone in Canada to have the chance to learn either french or english. The Official languages act was made in 1969. This is significant as well because it is still in place in Canada to this day and we are still a bilingual country. (Gywn Richard, pg.24) Overall, Pierre Elliott Trudeau was a very significant prime minister because of the many things he did for our country. The multicultural law was extremely significant because it was the first multicultural law to pass in the whole world. Bilingualism was very important because it made the country feel united. Diversity is very important, and the fact that Canada has had diversity a part of their country for so long is very compelling.

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