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Last updated: September 15, 2019

Pinto Art Museum is anassemblage of over 300 modern painting, sculptures, and art installations byvarious local artists. It is easy to reach because it is just located atAntipolo, Rizal. I went there with my peers for a project, and it was my firsttime visiting a museum.

All I can say is: it’s all worth it.The museum covers 1.3 hectareand its landscaping and architecture is simply beautiful, and almost everyangle is instagram-able! The place isreally good for photo shoots, all parts and areas of this museum are perfect toserve as a subject or a background.

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The venue itself is an art! The scenery andambiance is relaxing, peaceful and very calming, add its numerous couches andbeds that invite you to just chill and breathe. The rustic and Mediterraneanvibe elevates the experience of art appreciation. Walking around Pinto ArtMuseum is a visual treat, with aged doorways, windows, and quirky art pieces,every turn of the corner reveals something interesting.

The featured art worksand masterpieces in all its six galleries inside the premise are enthralling inevery way. The museum will encourage you to admire and appreciate art more. Itis possibly the most amazing setting for the display of a private collection oflocal art that I have ever seen. The first gallery seems to be devoted to moretraditional art pieces with paintings depicting idyllic scenes from daily lifein the Philippines. Gallery 2 had more experimental mixed media pieces withsome installations, and in the gallery 3 there are some really interesting wiresculptures. Galleries 4 and 5 seemed to contain modern and abstract art piecesthat are all interesting in every way.

The last gallery shows some erotic andromance filled art works. There is also a section that is called the Museum ofIndigenous Art, it is found in the lower gardens, where is displays therichness of the Filipino culture. It contains functional and ritual objects,jewelry, textiles, and other beautiful indigenous artwork.It was refreshing tosee art pieces not only hanging in the walls, but integrated in the seatingareas and gardens as art installations.

The same goes for all the naturalelements like those numerous trees growing out from the middle of a stairwayand rocks in the middle of one of the galleries floors. I also appreciatethe fact that photography for personal use is allowed here unlike some othermuseums, though taking videos is not permitted. The best thing about Pinto ArtMuseum is that it manages to make the artwork and all the structures cohesivewith the environment. Compared to formal museums which preserve art pieces incontrolled air-conditioned rooms, all the buildings here are open-airstructures, which keeps everything natural.

The management advises thevisitors that there are no food and water allowed inside, but there is a café-restaurantavailable inside that serves variety of good food, though it is quite pricey. Convenient,isn’t it? But, if you don’t want to spend much, the town proper is just 10-peso-tricycle-rideaway, and there are many restaurants and fast food chains just near the museum. Pinto Art Museum is a definite must-seetourist spot that’s not that far from the metro. Everything in the museum iseye-catching and breathtaking, and for just a cheap entrance fee of 200 pesosfor adults, with 50% discount for students, you’d get to view massivecollection of unusual art pieces. It is very affordable, and every peso spentis all worth it. 

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