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Pip is a character who changes a lot in stage one. Have you ever been through a situation that has changed your life dramatically? Well that is exactly what happened to pip. He had a couple experiences that changed his life forever.

Pip lives with his sister and her husband because as we figure out in the first few pages of “Great expectations” his parents died. Pip has many Great expectations from everyone in his life besides miss.Havisham. She wants pip to become apprentice to Joe so she can make him fall in love with Estella. Estella was always irresistible to Pip. Estella always warns him what is going to  happen but he loved her too much to believe or listen to her.  Pip changes a lot in the course of the first stage. He goes through a lot of changes that change his attitude.

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Pip’s first serious encounter that changed his life was when he met the convict in the marshes. The first thing that the convict did when he saw Pip was threaten him. “Hold your nose”… “Keep still, you little devil, or I’ll cut your throat!” (dickens 2) This shows how aggressive and dangerous this convict is or acts.The convict was a dirty, unkempt, uneducated man who tried to use his reputation to scare pip. It worked and it caused Pip a lot in his life, especially guilt.

Pip had a very guilty conscience at this time in stage one. When he had to steal the pork pie for the convict he thought the stairs were talking to him. “I got up and went downstairs;every board upon the way and every crack in every board calling after me, “stop thief!” and “get up, Mrs.

Joe!”(dickens 13) Pip having a Guilty conscience very early on and very frequently shows his immaturity. This was one very serious key part in Pip’s life because it pops up again later on. Pip’s second encounter that changed his life, for the worse was miss Havisham and Estella. When he first met Miss Havisham it was because he invited him to “come and play”. This scared him at first because he did not know what he was going to do exactly. What he did not know is that these visits would change his life forever. The first person he met was Estella who opened the door for him and was automatically rude.

“Don’t be ridiculous boy; I am not going in.”(dickens 55) Pip also found out that Miss Havisham was very curious about what he thought about Estella. “‘You say nothing of her’ remarked Miss Havisham to me, as she looked on. ‘She says many  hard things of you, yet you say nothing of her. What do you think of her?'”(dickens 59) Estella’s beauty was apparent to pip the first time he saw her but he also knew that she was very rude, very insulting, and very proud. “I think she is very proud”…

“I think she is very pretty”… “I think she is very insulting”(dickens 59) Estella is a big part of Pip’s life in stage on because she makes him want to change and have great expectations for himself.

This also shows the Pip was immature because he strived to be better for a girl. He would not have realized how big and coarse his hands are and how thick his boots are or how common he is. “.

..he is a common labouring-boy”(dickens 58) “And what course hands he has! And what thick boots”(dickens 59) Estella made him being common a bad thing in Pips had and he never realized it before she said something.

Estella changed the course of Pip’s life forever. She caused him to strive to become a better person then he was.The last encounter that changed Pip’s life was with Joe. Joe was Pip’s sister’s husband. Pip and joe both got abused by Mrs.Joe and that brought them closer together.

Pip and Joe are very good friends. Joe acts a little childish which helps him get along with Pip. Pip and Joe have eaten contests while eating dinner. This stopped when Pip realized that it was very childish. Pip was to be naturally made Joe’s apprentice. Joe was a blacksmith which was counted as a commoners job. This made Pip want to be educated instead of a blacksmith after he came back from his first visit with Estella and Miss Havisham.

Pip was the kind of person that let what people told him to affect his life. He strives for better when someone brings out his flaws. Pip did let this ruin his relationship with the person he adored and loved very much, Joe. Joe was the only friend Pip ever had early on. Joe was his best friend and even sometimes took his place in the beatings by Mrs.Joe. Joe did everything for Pip but pip still wanted to be great for Estalla so he betrayed Joe by looking down to him and not wanting to work for him. Joe became more of a childish immature figure to Pip instead of a best friend as stage one goes on.

Pip would soon regret what has happened: to him and Joe. Pip had a lot happen to him in the first stage of this book. All of these encounters changed Pip’s life for better and for worse. His encounter with the convict made him weak in the beginning because he became very guilty. Pip’s encounter with Estella made him strive for the better but it also made him lose the people he loved. It made him hate himself and think that he has to change himself to have Estella like him.

Lastly his encounter with Joe is a rather sad one. He starts to lose the most important person in his life just because Estella thinks he is to common so he believes Joe is too common to be his friend. So he starts to think lowly of him and change him. Pip learns a lot and this will soon affect him later on greatly. He will realize his mistakes and try to fix them but then it will be too late and his life is stuck the way it is.


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