Pipilovr and Logshrike Vegetation

What are the vegetation areas of common breeding ranges for both Loggerhead Shrike and Piping Plover? Data: Bird layers: pipilovr and logshrike Vegetation data: Vegmap (Polygon) Detailed description of the overlay process ??? I will be overlaying the pipilovr and logshrike layers to look at the area in which they both breed. Reasons why these overlay process were chosen This overlay process was chosen because I want to see the same area in which they bread as well as the vegetation type in that area for the two birds.

Map 1 : conformal projection (PRESERVES SHAPE) Definition: Conformal Projection is a map that maintains angular relationships and accurate shapes over small areas. This Projection is used in which an angular relationship is important, such as for navigational or meteorological charts. Conformal Projection Map Map 2: Equal Area projection (PRESERVES AREA) Definition: Equal Area Projection is map that maintains accurate relative sizes and equivalent projections.

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This projection is used to show the distribution or other henomena in which showing area accurately is important. This projection also shows true directions from the center point of the map, which means that the projection works well for mapping areas that spread equally from the center point (e. g. North America). Equal Area Projection Map Map 3: Equidistant projection (PRESERVES DISTANCE) Definition: Equidistant Projection is a map that maintains accurate distances from the center of the projection along the given lines.

This map could be used for Navigation r used for radio. Distortion of areas and shapes increases dramatically, the further away one gets from center point. Equidistant Projection Map Map 4: Compromise Projection Criteria that define a Robinson Projection: The Robinson projection is neither equal- area or conformal, leaving both for a compromise. It produces a better overall view and snows the entire world at once, the world appears somewhat like an oval ut poles seem as lines rather than as points. Compromise Projection


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