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The arguments for or against pittbulls has been the talk of the town nowadays as people express different reactions to this issue. It is even restricted in some countries to breed this type of dogs. This breed of dogs has their origin from the modern bulldog and the American terrier and are mainly used in dog fighting. Although many cases have been reported questioning the conduct of these sweet dogs, I still maintain the opinion that a dog is a wild animal that needs to be domesticated.

If one can not train his or her dog, then they should not keep one either. The blame is wrongly placed on the dog where else it squarely lies on the responsibility of the owner to offer training to thee dog appropriately. I share in the opinion that pit bulls are dogs for smart people and should not be judged by their actions under a neglectful owner. As many would want to call them, pit bulls are not lap dogs. They are intelligent and are very responsive to training but if if badly bred and severely neglected and abused pit bulls can attack humans causing severe injuries. This forms the basis of the anti-pit bulls.

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Dog banning is not right and fair to the innocent animal and I think logically the ban should be lifted. Some people believe that the breed was made to for fighting and should not be used as a pet. This however is an unfounded reason as many people own the dogs as pets and are having a wonderful experience with them.

The negative attributes attached to pit bulls are as a result of a misconception informed by the fact that these dogs have been used by the bad people in the society. It is true that whenever people want to wear a tough look or look scary they will find a pit bull to depict that aspect. For this reason, it has been mistakenly handled as an animal without the human control over it. However, it is obvious any dog can pick up a fight with another dog it does not matter the breed. Any dog when upset can bite and cause injuries this is not unique to the pit bulls only. From an early stage pit bulls should be trained well and not neglected to waste away in the streets. Pitt bulls are not the sole breed that attacks people though it has attracted the media attention in many occasions prompting its ban in may towns.

The Pitt bulls are not inherently dangerous instead their owners are responsible for their behavoiur. The dogs aggression varies from one owner to the other and by banning the breed is a blow to the owners who have maintain and invested a lot for their pitt bull dogs. How many testimony have we heard of the dog saving the owner of even possible death situation. The dog crowned “the dog in valor” is a sense of security to numerous people and banning it would be unjustified. Every dog has like humans its specific characteristics and should not be generalized as a certain breed that does a specific harm t the human race. Generalizing would be a misconception that could lead to a destructive stereotyping. The issue in the conduct of any dog whether a pitt bull or anyother breed is not of a natural formation but rather of the nurturing angle. If a dog has to be well breed and good attributes be nurtured from the time the dog is a puppy to its mature form.

Apparently statistics about bits from a particular breed of dogs can not be viable as dogs have individual habits and character that cannot be generalized to be unique to all and the general breed type. The major problem is that thugs and criminals have specifically turned to these breed and used them in robberies where the dogs have earned a negative reputation. This however is not the case to many of the pitt bull owners who have carefully trained their dogs properly. This lot registers satisfactory result in their experience with the dog at home. The tragedies surrounding the issue of the pitt bull are not the dogs misconduct as it is created an animal and can not reason as a human being unless it is trained to do so. It is our responsibility as people to be careful when around these animals. Our carelessness should not cause the animal the right to exist. If one decides to breed snakes, do we say that the snake again is vicious and dangerous or don’t we take up measure to be safe around it.

The same way the pitt bull should noyt be accorded any less consideration. We have many cases on children faces being ripped off by other breeds such as the Akita. Enough cases have been recorded of German shepherds attacking people in many occasions as well. What can we make of that, are we going to prohibit the existence of dogs or are we going to learn how to have and breed dogs. In a safe way and we can be responsible enough to monitor our pets movement and their actions.

That’s the ony way to ensure a fair decision is reached at for both the owner and the dog itself. Evidently, any dog can be dangerous and can bite seriously to cause extreme pain to a person. Dogs generally have a defensive approach when confronted by any challenge and can be dangerous in their response towards such an event. One therefore must take it upon themselves to know the conditions at which ones dog is expose to. Pitt bulls are not outside dogs since they have short far that shows they get cold very easily and fast. On the hand their short hair is still a limitation when they are left outside with in a warm weather and they experience a lot of heat. These could easily be the reason for their vicious reaction. Good care and maintenance of the dog is important and that’s where most people are failing and that should not be used as a justification.

The pit bulls if taken good care of , are safe and very loyal and gentle to people and not the beast they are trying to depict and present as a pitt bull. This kind of a duty required to bring sanity to the breeding of the dog is something many people would rather overlook. The responsibilities around the successful breed of pit bull must be adhered to at all time relentlessly. It is actually very hard for a common person to identify a pit bull at a glance and the chances of the media being wrong in their reports about deaths cause by pitt bulls. Some of these dangerous dogs were as a programme by dogfighters who trained their dogs to kill for completion. The move to wipe out pit bulls can only be seen as a media conspiracy to promote their victimization on grounds founded on untrue speculations. The sport light shown under the light is meant to convince the public that there is some natural aggressiveness attached to pit bulls that makes the breed a dangerous breed to have at home.

They have written stories about the numerous deaths associated with this breed of dogs. However, the writers pay no attention to the rather so many deaths caused by the larger dog family. I understand the fear put in people by the media to terrify them anytime they hear about the pit bull is in an effort to wipe them out. This is a deliberate move by the media to perpetuate propaganda through out the country to give wrong information about the pit bulls. These are supported by the fact that the pit bulls dogs are breed by a number of people who confirm and affirm that they have never experienced any hostility from their pet.

Such testimonies are a clear indication that there is an imbalance in the research done to determine the ill fated view of these gorgeous pets. This is off course if any research was carried at all which I doubt is the case. Pitt bulls if I was asked I would say they don’t deserve such a hostile extinction plan rather a careful and responsible approach in training and coaching to make sure they are well trained to interact with human beings. That’s were we lazy about and hence the catastrophes’ involved.

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Retrieved from: http://slog.thestranger.com/2008/03/gasp_its_a_propitbull_post gs killed 52 Americans and accounted for 59% of all fatal attacks. Combined, pit bulls and rottweilers accounted for 73% of these deaths. | More » Dog Bite. (2011).

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