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Last updated: December 4, 2019

The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner
Randall SarrelThe title sets the reader up for a poem about war and death, told from the dead gunners point. The poem is told like the ball turret gunners tiny womblike enclosure in the plane and the kind of hose that would be turned on the plane to clean it. Also talks about “wet fur” as representing inside of the gunners jacket. Suggests abortion. Gunner has been adopted by the government.

Root Cellar
Theodore RoethkeA feisty plant roots that survive in a hostil environment and brings forth a new generation of their species.

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Tone is upbeat. Theme is the speakers celebration of the hardiness and determination of life forms, however small or ugly or insignificant. The plant never gave up hope even in the worst situations.

Richard Cory
Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe speaker of this poem belongs to the lower class. When Richard went to the city, the speaker and his friends would look down on him. Richard Cory was the perfect gentleman. The speaker was jealous of Richard.

Richard one night killed himself by shooting him in the head. Rich people are not happy with their life, and the poor think wealth is the guarantee of happiness. Reader was given impression that Richard was happy, until the very last line.

My Husband Discovers Poetry
Diane Lockward 2003The poem combines humor with gravitas. The wife had been hurt by her husband, and she wanted to hurt back her husband. Wondering if it was real or part of his metaphorical life. Revenge poem.

You fit into Me
Margaret AtwoodStarts off like a silly love poem, quickly turns dark and harrowing. She replaces a door- fastening device with the metal that punctures the flesh of the fish. She establishes very specific expectations then gleefully tramples them.

The Stone Crab: A Love Poem
Robert PhillipsTalks about a stone crabs life and how one of its claws is picked and the body (still alive) is thrown back mutilated, once the crab grows a new one, another arm flys off and the crab is not able to enjoy life with two arms. One main theme is an important lesson to man. We (humans) have to be like crabs and be strong enough to grow a new “claw” and not worry about mending the broken one.

You reading this, Be ready
William StaffordThis poem really makes you think about what you are doing each day is productive or not. The author really makes you think about your life and gives you that extra boost that everyone needs.

Useful Advice
Catherine TufarrelloPeople keep trying to give “useful” advice to this 37 year old; asking questions like why haven’t they had a baby, when in the long-run they maybe aren’t ready to have a baby or do not want to have a baby- forcing them to cry at the end.

Ballad of Birmingham
Dodrey RandallGives a poetic account to the bombing of a Birmingham church. Author gives a graphic account of what the time period was and the irony that the church was the warzone and the freedom march was the safe spot. Mood keeps switching back from the childs eager self to the mothers worrysome self.

Mother finds shoe of dead daughter in church.

Facing it
Yusef KomonyakaaThe writer becomes one with the memorial and becomes overwhelemed with emotion at the sight of all the names who died in the war, overall symbolic meaning is losing loved ones is increadibly hard but in the end you need to get your crap together expect fact and move on. title “facing it” shows that.

Mother to son
Langston HughesA mother Advises her son that he will face many difficutlities in life, but most overcome them and keep going. Her life was not a staircase full of crystals but yet one made of splinting wood. Mother wants son to take this story as inspiration that she is still going despite lifes hardships

Sonnet 130
ShakespeareComapres the speakers lover to other beauites- and never in the lovers favor. Compares hair to black wires.

Sonnets from the Portugues, 43
God- Like fulfillments of loving.

ALl the different ways one can love another

How everything happens
May SwensonNo matter if nothing is taking place, or if something is. Something is always taking place. Bad things take place and good things take place

Easter Wings
George HerbertGoes back and forth between despair and hope. He shapes the poem to have different levels and meanings. Celebration of christs resurrection, which is presented as the means by which humankind overcomes sin and attains freedom. Starts poem with saying lord, gives reader some direction.

The good morrow
John BonneWaking up; into a new morning after a sexy night, into true love, and into a spiritual unity with the partner who completes you

The pitcher
Robert FrancisAbout a baseball pitchers mode of operations, the intention of his “art” could be taken as advice to readers, also taken as the art of handling yourself with others. Pitching is pretty straight forward but sometimes things go in a different direction.

She being brand
E.E. cummingsAt first poem seems to be about a drives excitement to drive a new car. Actually about a mans sexual experience with a woman, and the woman is possibly a virgin.

Greatest Generation
Old military guy trying to say he is the greatest generation. No Body will compare to him because he is the greatest military vet. Tried to replace him it never worked. Description of funeral.

Bitter Tone. Grandchild showing tattoo.

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