Poem Persuasive Techniques

Topic: Family Formation
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Last updated: December 16, 2019
persuade people to do something by letting them know others are all doing it

using words of famous person or expert to persuade

emotional appeal
words or images that appeal to the audiences’s emotions

plain folks
ordinary people sell a message. you are to believe that because these people are like you and to be trusted

snob appeal
this suggests that you can like the expensively dressed, perfectly shaped people who use this product

name calling
describing bad aspects of a competitor’s product so that the advertised product seems better

magic ingredients
the suggestion that a miraculous discovery makes a product effective

scientific language
ads using scientific language to make a product seem more effective

associating the power of a cultural symbol with a product

card stacking
ads giving only the positive side of a product or service, ignoring the negative aspects

expert opinion
a professional has knowledge in a specific ? to advertise a product

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