Poem Project : Kiana Jackson

When a certain sound repeats across many words that are grouped together. Example: Isn’t the superb,stunning sunset of seal beach spectacular.

Song like poem that tells a story, often a sad story of betrayal,death,or loss.

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Ballads usually have a regular,steady rhythm, a simple rhyme pattern,and a refrain,all of which make them easy to memorize. Example: A ballad is kind of like sad story they are alike because they both have rhythm and are easy to memorize because of the rhythm.

2 different words that sound alike,when 2 rhyming lines are consecutive. Example: rudeness is often offended and not to be recommended.

end rhyme
The last 2 words that rhyme in a poem. Example: In poems rhymes usually have chimes.

Long narrative poem about the many deeds of a great hero.

Epics are closely connected to a particular culture. The hero of and epic embodies the important values of the society they come from. (heroes of epics have-so far-been male).

Example: An example of an epic is something like a comic book about a super hero.

free verse
A poem that doesn’t have to rhyme or have a beat but most poets like to have their lines be rhythmic. Example: A free verse poem is kind of like a song that doesn’t rhyme but there is still music in the back round.

internal rhymes
Rhymes that occur within the lines of a poem.

Example: Say there is 4 lines of a poem, if the 2 line in the middle rhyme that is called an internal rhyme.

Poem that doesn’t tell a story but expresses the personal feelings of the speaker.Example: A lyric poem is kind of just like writing down your feelings in a sentence. These poems have no story.

Regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables.

Example: A meter is a constant rhythm of syllables.

narrative poem
Poem that tells a story-a series of related events. Example: A narrative poem is pretty ,much like a summary of certain events that have happened.

Long lyric poem, usually praising some subject, and written in dignified language. Example: Say you really respect someone, you could write an ode about them or you could write an ode about an inanimate object.

Pairs words with sounds that imitate or suggest their meaning. Example: Crackle reminds me of a lit fire place.

Adds to the sound of the poem. when 2 words sound alike.

Example: An example of a rhyme is book and cook because these 2 words sound alike.

The repetition of stressed and unstressed syllables that give the poem a beat. Example: Rhythm is like the beat that the poem flows on.

14-line lyric poem that follows strict rules of structure,meter and rhyme. Example: A sonnet is kind of like a poem that follows all the rules and is very by the book.

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