Poems – Anne Hathaway

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Last updated: December 13, 2019
Referring to the section “The bed…” to “..these lips” show how the pet conveys a sense of joy and happiness.
“a spinning world” – suggests speed and exhilaration”castles” – suggest they had a fairy-tale romance and there was a sense of security”dive for pearls” – suggests their love was exotic and romantic”kisses on these lips” – suggests they were sensual and tactile

In lines 5- 10 there are many references to writing poetry and plays.

Chooses any two examples of this and explain in detail how each on adds to your understanding of the speakers feelings.

“rhyme” – suggests the lovers’ connectedness, sense of belonging and fulfilling each other. “he’d written me” – suggests that she was his creation and that she owes him everything.

Line 11-14, how does the poet make clear how different the guests are from the speaker and her lover.
“dribbling” – this provides connotations of old age and messiness compared with the others’ apparent vitality and clarity of purpose.”prose” – this suggests that the guests lives are dull, ordinary, uninspired, unlike the imaginative “poetry” of the others’ love-making.

Lines 11-14 what feelings does the speaker show for her lover at the end of the poem
“I hold him” – shows her fondness for him.”living, laughing love” – this suggests that she will always love him and there is a great level of respect.

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