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Where is My Country
Nellie WongAn asian girl in America constantly assumed to be filipin, chinese, korean, or spanishShe is confused about which race she should identify with because other people constantly confuse her for other races

Pat Mora Woman who wants to speak English to relate to her childrenShe cant speak englishHer children do and it makes her feel left out English has separated her familyIn order to get back to how it was in MExico, she feels that she must learn to speak english

Father From Asia
Shirley Geok-lin LimSpeaker denounces his/her own cultureviews it as a burdenrefuses to be a part of his culture

Women hanging from the 13th floor window
Joy HarjoLiterally, a women hanging from a windowpressures of being a single mother Pressures of being a non white woman in americathe struggles overwhelm her and she contemplates killing herself

Gregg ShapiroSon feels bad about his father’s tattoo from the HolocaustHe feels guilty for having an easier life than his fatherHe wishes he can help his father in some sort of wayHe wants to go back in time and erase his fathers strugglesHis father has passsd down his misery and pain onto his son

In Response to Executive Order 9006
Dwight OkitaIts about Japanese relocation in America during WWIIYoung japanese girl has a happy life until the 9006 executive order which forces them to move to internment campsShe truly felt accustomed to American culture her best friend turns on her and tells her to stop helping the Japaneseshe feels betrayed

When I Was Growing Up
Nellie WongAsian girl who wants to fit in with American culture (white girls)Feels surprised/special when a white boy asks her outAshamed of the boys in her cultureWants to be whiteHer skin color makes her feel betterdoesnt identify correctly with her race/culture/ethnicity

Vision (2)
Sherman AlexieThe speaker is upset about the oppression Native Americans throughout history”extras, we’re all extras”

Brain On Ice: The El Train Poem
Michael WarrBLakc man on a train is judgedHe is thought to be something hes notBigger thomas, Colo Purple, MandingoEven tough he appears sophisticated he is still thought to be a hostile person and two men decide not to sit next to him on the bususes “I am” alot to emphasize the fact that he is considered to be these stereotypical things even though he isnt”I am” is repeated because he could be anything related to black peopl in these peoples mindssarcastic tone

A Daddy Poem
William J. Harris”Your good looking for a colored man…”saying this implies that colored people usually arent good lookingSarcastic poem

So Mexicans Are Taking Jobs from Americans
Jimmy Santiago BacaAmericans are no better than MexicansAmericans are exaggerating how Mexicans take their jobsAmericans are also guilty of crimesEx. letting ids starve, killing each otherBasically saying that they shouldn’t be pointing figurestones changes throughout storyHumorous, to serious, to a bit vulgar

Pat MoraAn immigrant family wants to be more americanThey want their children to fit in Whisper to their children in spanish or polishhot dogs apple pie, bill and daisy, blond dolls, blue eyes, football

I Ask My Mother to Sing
Li-Young LeeThe speaker’s mom and grandmother begin to singIt is very peaceful and joyfulHis/her father is goneMom and grandma begin to cry because of this beautiful momentReminds them of the past

ChrystosOppression of native americans is part of the speaker (as a person)Her peoples’ struggle make sup a part of who she issWounded Knee

I Have Not Signed a Treat with the United States Government
ChrystosThis person refuses to conform to American societyThey dont want anything to do with AmericaHe/she also says that American culture is an illusion(no dancinc, cooking, no children, no elders, no relatives = basic ally saying theres no bonding)Ugly clothes lousy food bad meat

In the Inner City
Lucille CliftonCulture thrives in the inner cityits a place called homePeople who live there consider it their home even though it is plagued with a negative atmosphereMight not be good as a rich city or suburb but its till a place to live

Chinese Hot Pot
Wing Tek Lumthe speaker wants America to be culturally diverseCompares America to a pot of tasty soupChoose which culture to be affiliated with

In the Good Ol’ USA
Jose Angel Villalongo St.

Feels that his heritage is looked down upon in AmericanHis culture is suppressed and he faces discrimination for this (Girlfriend’s father, TeachersHe looks Afro-Puerto RicanHe eventually learns to embrace his cultureHe becomes proud of who he is (Heritage, language, brillo hair, his name)

I Aint Going to Hurry No More
Jesse F. GarcíaThis person doesn’t want to listen to people who supposedly stand above him (Americans)He wants to be his own person and do what he feels.Hes not going to hurry up and do things fro the white manHe is not going to try and assimilate to their culture

To Hell and Back, with Cake
Safiya Henderson-HolmesGirl wants to go and get cake from a bakeryShe wnts to get chocolate and vanillaLady appears to be racist and say they only have black and whitePeople only see others’ color, not what they really areAwkward situation

La Migra
Pat MoraFake game called “Border Patrol”agua dulce brota aqui aqui aquiuses sarcasm two parts: Border Patrol, Mexican WomanEach part taunts the other

Public School No.18: Patterson, New Jersey
Maria Mazziotti GillanTeachers try and make them be moe AmericanThe speaker feels American but her culture gets in the wayShe tries anxiously to be more AmericanShe feels ashamed to be ItalianShe feels that the teachers teach her to hate herselfAt the end she becomes proud of her heritage, her family, who she is

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