Topic: Parenting Styles
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Last updated: December 12, 2019
My Father’s Song
Speaker misses talking with his father.

First Lesson
Speaker teaching his daughter how to swim and applies it to lessons of life; growing up.

Speaker is collecting starfish on the beach and wondering about their beauty and death.

Speaker is celebrating the arrival of spring.

Once BY the Pacific
Speaker is observing an incoming storm and end of the world.

Country Scene
Speaker is observing a waterfall and describing it to things that do and don’t last.

The Car
Speaker gives the history of his or her life BY describing cars he has owned.

Speaker listing his/her DAILY chores and considering those chores “sacred” work.

A Blessing
Speaker pulls over at dusk to watch two ponies and ends up petting, giving him/her a sense of renewal.

Speaker is describing fog and comparing it to a little cat.

Fire and Ice
Speaker is talking about the elements to the end of the world.

“Hope” is a thing with feathers.
Speaker is comparing hope to a bird.

Fame is a Fickle Food
Speaker is saying food never lasts and fame does not last either.

Speaker sees red with hood and they hear the radio from the car.

Speaker sees a MOTORCYCLE running and he wants it but the owner walked out of the ditch.

Japanese women talking about her JOURNEY to America and then being put in barracks.

Speacker experiencing when the twin towers collapsed and comes home to wife.

Speaker PAYING tribute to mom and all of the other women in speakers life.

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud
Speaker that feels LONELY until he see’s a field of daffodils and becomes HAPPY.

The Courage The My Mother Had
Speaker wants mom’s courage.

Advice for Stegosaurus
Speaker is giving advice for the reader to just live life.

The Gift Patience
At the beginning dad is taking splinter out of sons hand and then he removes one from his wife’s hand.

Possum Crossing
Speaker wants everyone to share the road with everyone including animals.

Song of Myself
Speaker likes animals because they do not have gree and bad things like humans.

I Hear America Singing
Speaker is talking about the people of America who appreciate their jobs.

Legal Alien
Speaker is a Mexican-American and talking about how people pre-judge them.

Ballad of Birmingham
Daughter wants to go protest but mom tells het to go to church because it is safer but the church blows up.

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