Poetry Commentary Structure

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Last updated: December 9, 2019
In author’s poem, the__.

..[PLOT SUMMARY]The poet’s manipulation of X, Y and Z…[3X DEVICES].

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..effectively _to create [THEME]

Arguably the most significant and unique feature of this poem is [DEVICE 1]…

This [DEVICE 2] is also utilized effectively throughout the poem.

The [literary device 2] is not, however, the only thing of its sort/the only strategy used to create [a certain effect]. [DEVICE 3] can also be identified as.


Through the poet’s strategic use of/unearthed by the use of [devices],[effect, ideally relating to theme]

Literary Devices
TitleToneStructureLanguageRepetitionImageryRecurring themesPunctuationDeeper meaning

Literary Themes
Beauty of simplicityShifts in powerChange vs. traditionChaos and orderCharacter destruction/buildingCircle of lifeComing of ageCompanionshipEmpowermentAchieved/failed dreamsFate vs. free willGood vs. evilInjusticeImmortalityIsolationOppressionOvercoming weakness/fear/viceVanity as downfallThe glory/pain/tragedy/necessity of warMan vs. natureNature vs.

nurtureSickness and decay

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