Poetry Definitions – 4th grade

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Last updated: December 14, 2019
Using an object to represent an idea. A symbol means what it is and also something more.

A figure of speech in which things are compared by stating that one thing IS another.

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Line Break
Refers to a place where a line of poetry ends, unguided by traditional punctuation conventions. line breaks are important in poetry because they so often introduce ambiguity and affect meaning.

A figure of speech in which objects are given human qualities.

In most peoms, the lines are written according to patterns of rhythm. Poetic meter is the measure of a line of poetry. It is rhythm that can be measured in poems.

A statement that seems impossible at first but actually makes sense.

Repeating words or phrases to create a rhythm or set a mood.

A sequence of words that have the same vowel sound.

Words that sound like the objects or action they refer to.

The overall feeling the poem creates.

Mood, or tone, for exampled, can be playful, sad, lonely, angry, or joyful.

An expression of exaggeration.

End Rhyme
Words that rhyme at the end of two or more lines of poetry.

A figure of speech in which things are compared using the words “like” or “as”.

Words that have the same ending sounds.

Words that have the same consonant sound anywhere within the words.

Expressions that have a meaning apart from the meaning of the individual words.

A stanza is a set of lines in a poem, set apart from other sets of lines by space. Each stanza comprises its own unit.

The break/space between stanzas generally indicates a pause between thoughts, concepts, or actions. In standard practice, most poems end a sentence at the end of a stanza.

Theme is the main idea that the writer of the poem wishes to convey to his/her readers. It is the main idea around which the poem is focused.

Repitition of words with the same beginning sounds.

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