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Last updated: December 7, 2019
Who wrote The red Wheelbarrow
William Carlos Williams

Who wrote I am offering this poem
Jimmy Santiago

Who wrote The guitar
Federico Garcia Lorca

Who wrote While my guitar gently weeps
The Beatles

Who wrote Do not go gentle into that good night
Dylan Thomas

Who wrote Sonnet 18
William Shakespeare

Who wrote The wind taped like a tired man
Emily Dickinson

Who wrote Cut
Sylvia Plath

The Red Wherlbarrow
Poetic movement- ImagistFocused on all elements except- Florey adjectives Red barn isn’t in this poem

The guitar
Type of poetry- lyric Personified by- crying Emotion- sorrow Guitar is compared to- a wounded heart Five swords- five fingersGuitar music

I am offering this poem
Poem was written in- jail Example of a- meta poetryOffering has what connotation- sacred Speaker compares poem to- a warm coat and thick socks Compares adult life to- wilderness Theme is-love

Do not go gentle into the good night sleep
Dylan Thomas was from- Wales Villanelle is a- 19 line poemVillanelle- aba aba aba aba aba abaa Good night phrase decides- death Speaker address- his father Rage rage against the dying of the light means- resist death in every way you can

Sonnet 18
Rhyme scheme- abab cdcd efef gg Winds can ruin the beauty of summer But thy eternal summer shall not fade- your youth will not fade Speaks he’s love- in the lines of his poem

The wind tapped like a tired man
Published- posthumously Poetic style using- irregular capitalization and punctuation Refers to wind- as a guest Compares speech to- the push of humming birds Personifies wind as- timid man

Assisted with- confessional Poet died by- suicide Dedicated to- poets babysitter “Red coats”-War imagery “Gauze”- covering for the cut. It’s shows internal struggle for speaker”Your turkey wattle carpet rolls”- metaphor Homunculus- little manClutching my bottle of fizz- assonance

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