Poetry Exam

Pastoral Poem
any poem about rural people or rural settings

The Passionate Shepherd to His Love
Man’s view; romantic; assured tone; expressions of the heart

The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd
Woman’s view; realistic; doubtful tone; expressions of the mind

Shepherd and Nymph
Pastoral; 6 stanzas, 4 lines each; AABB rhyme scheme

Interior Monologue
one technique for presenting the stream of consciousness of a character; records the internal emotional experience of a character

Interior Monologue in Prufrock
speaker is Prufrock; invites us along with him; it is only by coming with him that we understand of his problems and that we know what he is thinking and feeling; imagines himself arriving at the party; he plans out all of his actions

Theme of paralysis in Prufrock
Inability to act; begins with “etherized upon the table”; talks about time and putting things off; allusion to the indecisive Prince Hamlet

Theme of fragmentation in Prufrock
accumulation of various signs (words, images); fragmented city; lost, lonely population, like Prufrock; thoughts are usually interrupted; stream of consciousness

Theme of hell in Prufrock
Inferno quote; epitomizes modern world after wwi that has modern man frustrated; sense of impotence; symbolized thwarted desires and disillusion; symbolizes hellish existence

a lyric poem of 14 lines; first eight are called the “octave”; the last six are called the “sestet”

a recurring element that unifies a work and is important to the theme; i.e.

image, phrase, idea, or situation

Motif in Shakespeare’s Sonnet
comparing the seasons of the year to the time of life, specifically summer to youth

Dramatic Monologue
a poem that reveals a soul in action through the speech of one character in a dramatic situation; that character speaks to an identifiable but silent listener

“My Last Duchess” as an example of “dramatic monologue”
Learn about the Duke by what he says and how he says itThrough him, also learn about wife (last duchess)Learn about his character by hearing how he thought and felt about herDuke speaks to a marriage envoy from the Count who says nothing

Four Types of Men
Wise men = philosophersGood men = humanitarians, philanthropistsWild men = men of actionGrave men = poets, serious thinkers

Metaphysical Conceit
An ingenious idea that speaks to our minds and emotions; a comparison between two very unlikely objects

Metaphysical Conceit in “A Valediction…”
Compares the union of himself and his love to a drawing compass

3 Time Frames in “Musee des Beaux Arts”
Ancient Era, Myth of Icarus; 16th century, Brueghel’s Painting; Present time, Auden’s Poem

the continuation of the sense of a line of poetry into the next line

a pause or break in a line of verse

“To His Coy Mistress” as a Carpe Diem poem
exemplifies the spirit of time passing quickly; warning to live life while you have it

Symbolic Debate
the continuing tension between what the imagination seeks to make of an object and what the object continues to suggest in its own right

Art in “Ode on a Grecian Urn”
permanent; cold; imagination; deals with things that are anticipated

Life in “Ode on a Grecian Urn”
fleeting; warm; reality; deals with things that are experienced

depicts a metaphysical journey and gives substance to the physical aspect of what Yeats is trying to achieve

symbolizes a world of artistic magnificence and permanence; makes us think of a rich and inclusive culture

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