Poetry: Exams

Topic: Family Formation
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Last updated: December 9, 2019
Who wrote “Mirror”?
Sylvia Plath

Who wrote “She Sweeps with Many-Colored Brooms”?
Emily Dickinson

Who wrote “Once by the Pacific”?
Robert Frost

Who wrote “Sea Fever”?
John Masefield

Who wrote “Sonnet 71”?
William Shakespeare

Who wrote “Sonnet”
Countee Cullen

Who wrote “One Art”?
Elizabeth Bishop

Who wrote “The Laboratory”?
Robert Browning

Who wrote “I thank You God for most this Amazing”?
E.E. Cummings

Who wrote “The Lake”?
Ted Hughes

Who wrote “Ex-Basketball Player”?
John Updike

Who wrote “La Belle Dame sans Merci”?
John Keats

Who wrote “Oranges”?
Gary Soto

What are the three types of poetry?
Narrative, Lyric, Dramatic

_______ poetry tells a story.

What poem is a narrative poem?

What are the two types of narrative poems?
Epic, Ballad

What are the two types of Ballads?
Folk, Literary

What poem is a literary ballad?
La Belle Dame sans Merci

______ poetry focuses on the emotions or thoughts of the speaker.

What six poems are lyric poems?
Mirror, The Lake, Ex-Basketball Player, She Sweeps with Many-Colored Brooms, Once by the Pacific, and Sea Fever

What are the five types of lyric poetry?
Haiku, Ode, Sonnet, Villanelle, Elegy

What are the two types of sonnets?
Petrarchan Sonnet, Shakespearean Sonnet

What are the three Shakespearean Sonnets we read?
Sonnet 71, Sonnet, i thank You God for most this amazing

What is the villanelle we learned?
One Art

What is the dramatic poem we learned?
The Laboratory

poetry in which one or more character speak is considered ______ poetry.

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