Poetry forms

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Last updated: December 14, 2019
Poetry in which the first letter of each line when read vertically spells out a word, the wird is usually the subject of the poem

An ancient Japanese form with no rhyme.

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These poems often deal with nature. This type of poetry has three lines with a fixed number of syllables

2-line poems with fun and simple rhyming patterns. Each line has the same meter and their endings rhyme with one another. They are often humorous

Another Japanese form that depends on the number of lines and syllables instead of rhyme

A form consisting of 5 lines. Each has a required number of syllables, and a specific topic.

Diamond-shaped poems of seven lines that are written using parts of speech. This is a form similar to the cinquain

Whimsical poems with five lines. Line one, two, and five rhyme with each other and lines three and four rhyme with each other.

Rhyme pattern AABBA

Have been called the shortest art form. They use devices associated with poetry- rhyme, rhythm, and metaphors. They provide vivid imagery to teach and moral lesson

Shape poem
Poem that forms a visible picture on the page. The shape usually reflects the subject of the poem

Spoken-word expressions of urban activists that began in the 2960’s. In the early 70s “*******” evolved into manipulated drum machines and turntables

Free verse
Poetry without rules of form, rhyme, rhythm, or meter

Poems of 14 lines that begin with three quatrains and even a couplet. The couplet usually contains a surprise ending or “turn”. Williams Shakespeare is known for writing these

Narrative poems
Tell stories and are usually long ballads are types of these poems

Rhyming poems of four lines.

Poets use letters to express the rhyme pattern of scheme. The four types of rhyme are AABB, ABAB, and ABCB

A form of narrative poem that is usually recited as a song. This poem usually has a chorus or a refrain

A poem that expresses the thoughts and feelings of a poet.

This is a very broad category of poetry

A poem that praises or is a tribute to someone or something

Based on a poem that is so well know. That a mimic of its rhythm , rhyme scheme, or phraseology is immediately recognized

A sad poem that laments the loss of something; usually a person

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