Poetry Ode

A single unified strain of exalted lyrical verse, directed to a single purpose and dealing with one theme.

The first stanza and every third stanza after it in the Pindaric Ode

Follows the strophe with identical meter.

In rhetoric it is the reciprocal conversion o fthe same words in succeeding phrases or clauses.

The third stanza form in the Pindaric Ode.

Pindaric ode
The regular ode — containing three parts: the strophe and the antistrophe and the epode.

Horatian Ode
Informal poems written in a single stanzaic form; consists of one stanza which may be almnost infintely varite within its pattern. Also, homostrophic

Irregular Ode
An ode that freely alters its stanzaic forms both in number and in length; does not follow the set pattern of the Pindaric ode or the repition of stanzas of the Horation ode. Pseudo-pindaric ode

Verses written according to the manner of the odes of Acaeus, a four stanza poem with each stanza of four lines.

Cowleyan Ode
A form of the Irregular ode by Abraham Coweley

A funeral ode, also epicedium.

A piece of writing recanting or retracting a previous writing, particularly such a recanting of an earlier ode.

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