Poetry of The Harlem Renaissance

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Last updated: December 12, 2019
Langston Hughes
Who wrote the poem that asks the question, “What happens to a dream deferred?”

The extended metaphor in Hughes’ poem “Mother to Son” compares life to _________________________.

“Harlem Shadows”
“I hear the halting footsteps of a lass/In Negro Harlem when the night lets fall/Its veil.” What Claude McKay poem is this line from?

In what poem does Claude McKay show a contrast in thought – or “duality” – in terms of the speaker’s feelings about America?

“Her vigor flows like tides into my blood” is an example of what literary device?

“I, Too”
What poem is about a black man who is sent to eat in the kitchen, but from his experience is not bitter but instead looks to things changing in the future?

“Harlem Sweeties”
Which poem is honoring the beauty and variety of the women in the Sugar Hill neighborhood of Harlem?

“Fruit of the Flower”
Which Countee Cullen poem speaks about how different a son can be from his parents?

From Countee Cullen’s poem, “Fruit of the Flower,” the line, “Of Some Still Sacred Sin” is an example of what literary device?

What literary device is used for effect in the following line of Hughes’ “Mother to son” – “For I’se still goin’, honey,/I’se still climbin’…”

“Seventh Street”
Which poem includes this line about the down side of the Roaring Twenties for African Americans, “Who set you flowing? Flowing down the smooth asphalt of Seventh Street, in shanties, brick office buildings, theaters, drug stores, restaurants, cabarets…”?

Jean Toomer
Who wrote the poem “Storm Ending”?

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