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Last updated: December 12, 2019
Narrative Poetry
One that tells a story; ballads& epics

Lyric Poetry
A highly musical verse that expresses the emotions of the speaker. Common types are odes, sonnets, free verse& elegies

Dramatic Poetry
A verse that relies heavily on dramatic elements such as monologue or dialogue. Two types of dramatic poetry are dramatic monologue&soliloquy.

A narrative poem, sometimes sung, that tells a dramatic story.

Acrostic Poem
The 1st letters of the lines spell a word, often subject to the poem.

A long narrative poem centering on a heroic figure who rep.

the fate of a nation.

Free Verse
Poetry with NO set rhythm or rhyme.

Elegy or Elegiac Poem
A meditative poem mourning the death of an individual.

A meditation or celebration of specific subject.

A 3-line poem usually about nature, with this syllable pattern: 5-7-5. This style originated in Japan.

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