Poetry: Rime

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Last updated: December 11, 2019
two or more words that contain an identical or similar vowel sound, usually accented, with following consonant sounds (if any) identical as well (woo and stew). An exact rime is a full rime in which the sounds following the initial letters of the words are identical in sound (follow and hollow).

Also called Slant rime. A kind of rime in which the linked words share similar consonant sounds but have different vowel sounds, as in reason and raisin, mink and monk. Sometimes only the final consonant sound is identical, as in fame and room.

End rime
rime that occurs at the ends of lines, rather than within them.

End rime is the most common kind of rime in English-language poetry.

Internal rime
Rime that occurs within a line of poetry, as opposed to end rime.

Masculine rime
Either a rime of one-syllable words (fox and socks) or -in polysyllabic words- a rime on the stressed final syllables (con-trive and sur-vive).

Feminine rime
A rime of two or more syllables with stress on a syllable other than the last (tur-tle and fer-tile).

Eye rime
A “false” rime in which the spelling of the words is alike, but the pronuunciations differ (daughter and laughter)

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