Poetry Slam Script

Topic: LifeGratitude
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Last updated: December 14, 2019
TJ intro 1
Yo Dave

Dave intro 1

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TJ intro 2
Should we start out with that poem joke?

Dave intro 2
Yeah yeah good idea it’s hilarious

TJ intro 3
What if no one laughs?

Dave intro 3
Don’t worry they will.

TJ intro 4
Where do poems come from?

Dave intro 4
I don’t know, where?

TJ intro 5

TJ intro 5 cont.
Dude no one laughed… Why would you tell me to say that?

Dave intro 5
I’m sorry about that… Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 5th annual THS Poetry Slam! Tonight you’ll see a variety of hand crafted poetic genius.

The poets that you will see tonight on this very stage put their blood sweat and tears into their poems and it takes a lot of courage to stand up here in front of everybody and perform.

TJ intro 6
We have a number of people to thank for making this possible. First, the poetry teachers, Mrs. Garcia, Mrs.

Balter, Mrs. Shupp, and Mr. McCaffrey, as well as their poetry classes. They all worked very hard to make this an entertaining night for all of you. Next, we would like to thank our volunteer (names) for kindly donating their time.

Dave intro 6
The poetry slam is a uniquely constructed event. The first 15 poets will read their poems, then the judges will have a short time to evaluate them. Then, the next 15 poets will read, and we will have a brief intermission to let the judges do their thing.

TJ intro 7
After, the final five poets will be announced and will perform their second prepared poem. Once they have all performed, they will all be called to stage.

Dave intro 7
All five finalists will be rewarded a prize, but the top prices go to the top 3.

TJ intro 8
Before we get things started, we need to lay down some ground rules. Don’t be a jerk. Natural reactions to the poems are encouraged, but aggressive hooting and hollering is not. I hope security made sure that no one snuck in any tomatoes, but if not, please don’t throw them.

Dave intro 8
Please do not enter or exit the auditorium during the middle of a performance because that’s just not cool.

TJ intro 9
Lastly, this night is as much for the poets as it is for the audience so sit back and enjoy yourselves!

Dave intro 9
Without further adieu, we would like to present the first poet of the evening…


Dave intermission 1
Quick round of applause for all of the poets that performed, and even if you don’t move on to the next round, you should all be extremely proud of yourselves.

You’re all truly amazing… Hey TJ, by the way, you guys got any bathrooms in this place?

TJ intermission 1
Yeah, actually if you go out the back door and take a left, it’ll lead you right to a set of bathrooms!

Dave intermission 2
Thanks! Oh and do you have any food or drink available?

TJ intermission 2
Funny you should mention that…

we are actually selling food and drinks outside in the hallway!

Dave intermission 3
Awesome! But in all seriousness, we’ll be taking a brief intermission before we return to our final round. Now is the time to use the bathroom and grab yourself a snack and a drink.

TJ intermission 3
We will begin in roughly 10 minutes..



TJ crowning 1
Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… it is time to announce the winner and runner ups fr this year’s poetry slam!

Dave crowning 1
And once again we’d like to thank each and every contestant for coming out and really pouring your hearts out to us all on stage tonight. It really has been a treat.

TJ announces prizes
TJ announces prizes

Dave announces 5th
Dave announces 5th

TJ announces 4th
TJ announces 4th

Dave announces 3rd
Dave announces 3rd

TJ announces winner
TJ announces winner

Dave end 1
Thank you to all of you who came out tonight, you all played a huge role in making this night as special as it was. And once again, a huge thank you to the entire staff and students of THS poetry, as well as the rest of our supporting staff. It’s truly been a night to remember.

TJ end 1
See ya later!

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