Poetry terms and examples from Casey at the bat

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Last updated: December 4, 2019
1 What is a narrative poem?2 How is Casey at the Bat a narrative poem?
1-a poem that tells a story2 It tells the events of Casey losing the game at the bottom of the 9th inning.

1 What is a Stanza?2 How many does Casey at the Bat have?
1-a group of lines that form a unit ( develops a single main idea)2-it has 13 stanzas

1 What is a couplet?2 Give an example of rhyming couplet from Casey at the Bat.
1-when 2 lines of poetry end in rhyming words2-lines 1 + 2–day play; lines 3 +4–same game

1 What is a Simile?2 Give an example of a simile from Casey at the Bat.
1-a comparison of unlike things using like or as2 “the crowd gave a muffled roar, like the beating of the storm waves”

1 What is a Metaphor?2 Give an example of a metaphor from Casey at the Bat.

1-a comparison not using like or as, to say it IS something else2 name calling, “the former was a lulu” “the latter was a cake”

1 What is Personification?2 Give an example of personification from Casey at the Bat.
1-giving human qualities/characteristics to non human things 2 “sickly silence” (can silence be sick?)”the score stood” (can a score stand?)

1What is Hyperbole?2 Give an example of hyperbole from Casey at the Bat.
1-an exaggeration, stretch the truth2 “Cooney died at first” (he struck out)”tore the cover off the ball” (he hit the ball hard)

1 What is Repetition?2 Give an example of repetition from Casey at the Bat.
1-repeating for emphasis2 “For Casey, mighty Casey” “Kill him, Kill the umpire””And now, and now, and now”

1 What is Alliteration?2 Give an example of alliteration from Casey at the Bat.
1-repetition of consonant sound at the beginning of a group of words2 “Sickly Silence””Deep Despair”

1 What is Onomatopoeia?2 Give example of onomatopoeia from Casey at the Bat.

1-words that sound like their meaning2 whack; rumbled; rattled; roar

1 What is the theme of a story?2 What is the theme for Casey at the Bat?
1 -the lesson about life that a story or poem tells2 “Pride goeth before a fall!” The crowd thinks Casey will win the game; he is the hero. He wanted to make a dramatic appearance to show how perfect he is, so he didn’t swing at the first two balls. Then he missed the 3rd and struck out; losing the game. People should not let fame go to their head, because even the best of players fail sometimes.

1 What is a mock epic?2 How is Casey at the Bat a mock epic?
1-a poem that makes fun of (a parody) of hero stories2 It makes fun of heroes and fans by treating a baseball game like a life or death situation.

What controls the mood of Casey at the Bat? How does the mood change from beginning to end?
The fans control the mood. In the beginning, the fan’s mood is hopeless. When Casey comes to bat, the mood is of high hopes and cheers; Casey is their savior. After each strike, the mood is filled with anger and blame to the umpire, but they still believe in Casey.

At the end, there is no joy, because Casey has struck out.

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