Poetry terms and strategies for reading poetry

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Last updated: December 14, 2019
Figurative language
Writing that is not meant to be taken literally

When something is described as though it were something else

When a non human subject is given human characteristics

Uses like or as to make a direct comparison between two unlike ideas

Repetition of sounds at the end of words

The use of any element of language,sound,word,phrase clause,sentence

The use of words that imitates the sound

Repetition of initial consonant sounds

A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect

Sensory language
Describes the way things look,sound,taste,smell,feel

Narrative Poem
A story that is told in verse

Poetic form
Is the structure of a poem

Concrete poem
Uses the shape of the poem on the page to symbolize an idea or image within the poem

Free verse
Is being used when the poet creates line breaks

Is a formal division of line in a poem considered as a unit

Is a form that consists of three lines of verse whose subject is nature

Lyric poem
A highly musical verse that expresses the observations and feelings of a single speaker

List the 5 sound devices
RhymeRepetition Onomatopoeia Alliteration Hyperbole

List 5 strategies for reading poetry
Preview the poem and read it aloud a few timesVisualize the imagesClarify the words and phraseEvaluate the poems themeLet your understandings grow

What should you do when you preview the poem and read it aloud a few times
Notice the poems form Look for end punctuation Listen for rhymes and rhythms

What should you do when you visualize the images
Create mental images Look for clues about meaning in the images

What should you do when you clarify the words and phrases
Look for words/ phrases that stand out Look at word choices Think about the poems speaker

What should you do when you evaluate the poems theme
Ask- what’s the point of this poemAsk- what is the message

What should you do when you let your understandings grow
Ask- what does this poem say to you Ask- does it relate to anything in your own life Ask- is it a new way of looking at something

What is Poetry
A major type of literature

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