Poetry: Terms, Types, and Rhyme

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Last updated: December 8, 2019
the narrator of a poem

a group of words on one line of a poem

a group of lines arranged together

a two line stanza

can be created by meter, rhyme, alliteration and refrain

a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables

a sound, word, phrase or line repeated regularly in a poem

rhyme scheme
a pattern of rhyme (usually end rhyme, but not always); this pattern is shown with letters

Free Verse Poetry
no repeating patterns of syllables, no rhyme, conversational, modern

end rhyme
a word at the end of one line rhymes with a word at the end of another line

internal rhyme
a word inside a line rhymes with another word on the same line

approximate rhyme
imperfect rhyme, close rhyme, near rhyme

words that imitate the sound they name

consonant sounds repeated at the beginnings of words

a type of alliteration in which the repeated consonant sounds are anywhere in the words

a type of alliteration in which repeated vowel sounds are in a line or lines of poetry

lyric poem
a short poem in first person point of view that expresses an emotion, idea, or describes a scene

a song or song-like poem that rhymes

Shakespearean Sonnet
a fourteen line poem with a specific rhyme scheme

narrative poem
a poem that tells a story

concrete poem
a poem in which the words are arranged to create a picture that relates to the content of the poem

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