Poetry Test Review

Free Verse Poem
Follow poet’s ideas instead of fixed rules. Open Form (no regular pattern of rhythm, rhyme or line length. (“The Names”)

Narrative Poem
A type of poem that tells a story. Includes a plot, character and setting (“The Highwayman” & “The Charge of the Light Brigade”)

Limerick Poem
A 5 line humorous poem with a sing-song rhythm.(“Two Limericks”)

Lyric Poem
A short poem in which a single speaker expresses personal thoughts and/or feelings.

(“the earth is a living thing”, “Sleeping in the Forest” & “Gold”).

Haiku Poem
A short poem containing 17 syllables in 3 lines.Lines 1 &3 contain 5 syllablesLine 2 contains 7 syllablesCenters on a symbol that reminds readers of a season.(“Two Haikus”, “Fireflies”, & “Fireflies in the Garden”)

A poem’s shape– the way the words and lines are laid out on the page

A part of a poem that may or may not be a complete sentence- varies in length

Similar to a paragraph- each is a separate emotion or idea that contributes to a whole meaning.

Traditional Form (aka Conventional Form)
Follows a set of fixed rules such as the number of lines or the repeating of patterns of rhythm or rhyme.

“beat” heard in music, poetry and everyday speech– created by stressed/unstressed words and syllables

A repeted pattern of rhythm

a verse or phrase that is repeated throughout a poem.

True or False: Rhythm should stress key words and follow natural speech patterns

True or False: Poems that do not have meter do not have any rhythm pattern
False: Poems that do not have meter can still have rhythm

The repetition of sounds at the end of words (as in “me” and “see”)

The use of a word, phrase, or line more than once.

The repetition of the same letter at the beginning of words such as the c in ‘curved crook’.

The comparison of two unlike things using the words “like” & “as”

The comparison of two unlike things without using the words “like” or “as”

Giving human qualities to a thing that normally does not possess such qualities

The system used to mark stressed (‘) and unstressed (u) syllables in a poem.

An over-exaggeration used for effect

Two words with opposite meanings used together to create a new effect or meaning

Words that mimic sounds

Unconventional/Open Form
May have rhyme but does not have a consistent pattern with form.

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